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1. Extensibility Studio 2.0 Extensibility Studio is a complete solution allowing to extend your .NET application with user-defined logic. It provides set of tools allowing users of your applications to write code for mini-programs (scripts) to enhance existing or define new... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: code editor , form designer , scripter , Extensibility Studio , User-defined Logic , .net Component Library , Extending net Applications


2. Metamill 8.1.1921 Metamill is a professional UML modeling tool. Supports UML 2.4 standard. All 14 UML diagrams supported. Metamill packages can be stored independently as XMI files, e.g. under version management system. Python, ADA, Java, C, C++, C# and VB.Net... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: uml , Xmi , xml , Python , Ada , java , C++ , C# , Csharp , vb net

3. VB.Net to C# Converter 5.01 VBConversions has the most accurate VB.Net to C# Converter money can buy. The VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter will convert your VB.Net program to C# with over 99% accuracy. It won the coveted Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award in... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: visual basic , visual basic net , vb , converter , translation , conversion , translator , vb net , net framework , net

4. VBA Recovery Toolkit 6.1 VBA Recovery Toolkit by Thegrideon Software is a unique tool to assist in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Projects reverse engendering: preview project settings, reset project settings, recover and preview source code, uncover potentially... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: vba password recovery , Vba Source Recovery , Hidden Modules , Locked Project , Project Is Unviewable , macros password , Excel Vba , Access Vba , vba project , Vba Source

5. PrinterSetup.bas 1.00.10 PrinterSetup.bas contains the single function SetupPrinter. This function displays the printer preferences (document properties) dialog for the default printer and sets the printer's default properties to whatever the user chooses. The changes are... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: documentproperties , setprinter , printer setup , printer preferences , vb , visual basic

6. VBto Converter 2.69 Software for converting Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 projects (including source code) to MS Visual Studio VB.NET, C#, J#, VC.NET, VC++ (MFC), Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi. Visual Basic forms viewer (.frm, .frx files) and source code analyzer... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Converter Vb6 , vb Decompiler , form viewer , migration , statistics , vc , cpp , builder , delphi , vbnet

7. objectiF 7.2 Tool for model-driven software development with UML in C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++ and Java. Develop domain models with the UML and automatically transform them into technical models and large amounts of code. Complete the implementation of the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: uml , Model Driven Development , Model Transformation , iterative development , domain model , automation , code generation , requirements modeling , round trip , reverse engineering

8. Mainmedia Text & Image Overlay... Text & Image Overlay Filter is a powerful transform filter that allows adjustment video color- contrast, brightness, saturate, hue, lightness, invert color. Adding unlimited texts or images, watermarks to video stream, user define font size,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: directshow filter , Overlay Text , Overlay Image , Audio Filter

9. Mainmedia F4V Encoder directshow SDK... Support encode F4V video file in any Directshow base application. Video and Audio encoding using industry leading standards such as H.264, AAC. Video files, Video capture or network streaming can be used as sources. Specifiable Video Frame... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: F4v Encoder Directshow Filter Sdk , Transcode To F4v

10. FCorp - Lyric Library 2014.12 View more than 14000 Lyrics of English, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese & Korean Song. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Fcorp , fahmy Corporation , lyric , song , library , lyric Library , korean , freeware , portable

11. Mainmedia Screen Capture Directshow 1.39 Screen Capture directshow source filter that support Capture the full screen, an area of the screen in any Directshow base application. Support dynamic zoom in or zoom out specific area. Support enable or disable capture mouse pointer. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Screen Capture Directshow Filter , Screen Capture Sdk , Screen Record Directshow Filter

12. Marshallsoft Client Mailer for VB 5.0 MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Visual Basic (MCM4VB) is email marketing software to send personalized email to a permission based mailing list directly from Visual Basic, programmable database or spreadsheet. Companies, professionals, clubs,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: email marketing , personalized Mail , merge Email , email newsletter , Send Group Mail , Notification Software , html email , bulk email , emailer , email list

13. VBA Password Bypasser 4.9 VBA Password Bypasser is advanced tool for VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Projects / Code password and protection removal. With VBA Password Bypasser you can open your VBA Project whatever the protection is: password protected, locked project... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: vba password recovery , Vba Password Removal , Locked Project , Project Is Unviewable , macros password , Excel Vba , Access Vba , vba project , Vbaproject , password

14. Mainmedia FLV Directshow Source... FLV Directshow source filte allows playback FLV Flash Video. Support playback FLV in any Directshow base application. Include c#, VC++ sample. Compatible with any programming language that supports Directshow DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: directshow filter , flv , flash video

15. Mainmedia Quick Time Source... Quick Time Source Filter is a powerful source filter that allows playback mov, ipod, psp, mp4 video with aac audio, 3gp video with amr audio in any Directshow base application. The quality of video same as Quick Time Player. Support playback mov,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: directshow filter , quicktime , 3gp , mov , mp4 , m4v

16. Kode Magd Kode Magd is a toolbar for the VBA editor window in Microsoft Excel, designed to help computer programmers. * Report dependencies of variables, function, sub routines, properties, classes, forms and modules. * Map out basic structure of code. *... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: excel , vba , Add-in , Dependencies , fomatting , standards , code , programming , generating , management

17. FLV Encoder Directshow Filter 1.48 Support encode FLV video file in any Directshow base application. Support user define video bitrate, audio bitrate, frame rate, resolution, audio sample rate, audio channels. Compatible with any programming language that supports Directshow . DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: flv encoder , Flash Video Encoder Filter , Directshow Writer , directshow filter

18. VisionLab .NET 6.0 VisionLab .NET is a set of .NET 2.0-4.5 components for advanced computer vision. The components allow rapid development of fully featured advanced computer vision applications with zero lines of program code. Also includes a Visual Graphical... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: computer vision , motion detect , Object Tracking , Canny , Hough , Contours , HOG , Haar , detect , recognize

19. InstrumentLab .NET 6.0 Set of .NET 2.0-4.5 GDI+ rendered Visual Instruments. Also includes a Visual Graphical Editor for Codeless Development. Contains: - LED control with On/Off states. - LED control with multiple states. - LED control with gradually changing... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: gauge , Thermometer , progress bar , clock , Segment Indicator , Segment Display , 7 Segment , 14 Segment , 16 Segment , spectrum

20. IntelligenceLab .NET 6.0 IntelligenceLab .NET is a set of .NET 2.0-4.5 components for Artificial Intelligence. Also includes a visual graphical editor for codeless development. Contains: - Neural Network - Feed forward Neural Network classifier. - Naive Bayes - Naive... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: ai , artificial intelligence , neural networks , Naive Bayesian , Radial Basis Function Network , Self Organizing Map , K-Nearest Neighbor , ocr , speech , recognition

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