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21. Make Me a Segregated Cluster 1.0 Make Me a Segregated Cluster is a project designed to simulate observational properties of (dynamically) mass segregated star clusters, such as surface brightness profiles of simulated clusters in different colour bands. DetailsDownload 


22. ephem68k 11 ephem68k is an astronomy software the TI-92 and TI Voyage 200 CAS systems. It calculates astronomical data like julian date, local sidereal time, full/new moons, ephemerides of fixed and solar objects and more. ephem68k is based on ephem 4.29 code. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

23. Magic Number 1.0 Tracking New Horizons Spacecraft on Mac OS X Dashboard. DetailsDownload 

24. Sky Observer's Almanac 1.0 Sky Observer's Almanac is a tool to assist astronomers in planning an observing session. By defining targets and events that one wishes to observe, it allows the user to schedule these targets in an optimal fashion, and spend more time observing. DetailsDownload 

25. ATNF IVOA Tools 1.0.2 Library of Java code to interact with the data-recording formats (RPFITS and PSRFITS) used at the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF). It also provides tools for extracting metadata from the files for supply to Virtual Observatory instances. DetailsDownload 

26. StarMap3D 1.0 StarMap 3D: the project aims to offer a fast and easy consultation of stellar systems DetailsDownload 

27. AtomicGPSClock 1.0 AtomicGPSClock is a low cost alternative to keep precise time on your computer. It utilizes any GPS that outputs the NMEA 2.0 protocol via RS-232 to accurately set a computers clock. For standalone, mobile, or network (SNTP) installations. DetailsDownload 

28. Remote Seti rc The purpose of this project is to build a client-server application that will send summaries from Seti@Home clients distributed all across a network to a central host, allowing that way to a monitoring program to show results and statistics for... DetailsDownload 

29. Primary Direction Explorer rc Yet another astrology software. Focused on Primary Directions. Based on Swiss Ephemeris. Still has a lot of things in queue to implement. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

30. Satellite Prediction Server 2.1.5 Satellite Prediction Server and Clients DetailsDownload 

31. Apogee CCD camera control for Linux 64 Drivers and applications for the range of Scientific CCD cameras produced by Apogee Instruments Inc. Both ISA and Parallel interfaces are supported. A high level library and GUI are provided for Astronomical applications. DetailsDownload 

32. The IRAF64 Project 1.0 The IRAF64 Project is porting the IRAF software to the X86_64 Linux OS with NATIVE X86_64(Opteron,EM64T) executable. DetailsDownload 

33. galprop_skymap_convert 1.0 A routine for converting GALPROP-generated HealPix skymaps to a compatible format which can be plotted by Aladin (v7), available from CDS at http://aladin.u-strasbg.fr. This allows free rotation of the sphere, avoiding the distortions of Aitoff... DetailsDownload 

34. AstroObserver 1.0 Android sky chart software for serious amateur astronomers. DetailsDownload 

35. Open 2Sky for PalmOS 1.0 2Sky is a complete user-friendly commercial astronomy planetarium application for the PalmOS platform realeased by Kevin S. Polk as open source. Features include: stars, deep sky objects, planets, comets, asteroids, moons of Jupiter, meteor radiants. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. GRad solar radiation model 1.2.1 GRad is a standalone solar radiation model, programmed in Java. It is capable of the calculation of potential (clear sky) and actual (real sky) irradiance and total irradiation for single and multiple geographical locations. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. Instrumented Telescope 1.0 This projects hold software required for instrumenting an alt-az telescope mount. The required hardware is documented here (http://simonbox.info/index.php/astronomy). The software enables real time conversion from (measured) alt-az to ra-dec and... DetailsDownload 

38. DateBk Companion 1.0 A companion program to Pimlico Software's excellent DateBk for handling all things in paper calendars that you miss in electronic calendars. DetailsDownload 

39. DSA Star Map Creator 1.0 The aim of this project is to produce high-res/quality printable star maps according to your latitude. This projected was founded at the Deutsche SchlerAkademie Steinmhle 2004. It's a cooperation of the astronomy and cg courses. DetailsDownload 

40. BoPlanets planetarium 2 BoPlanets is a virtual planetarium showing the planets relatively to any observing planet. The planets can be viewed in ecliptical-, equatorial- or horizontal view. The times of rise, transit and set of a planet can be determined. Click on the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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