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81. X-Gine 1.0 X-Gine ist eine OpenGL basierte 3D Engine geschrieben in C++.Sie ist programmiert fr Linux/Unix, MacOS X mit XFree86 Installiert. DetailsDownload 


82. Doomocop 1.0 This is the old version of the AutoDoom project and is discontinued. Please look at my "autodoom" project, also on sourceforge. DetailsDownload 

83. Combine Wars 1.0 Combine Wars is a team-based multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2. In action-packed, strategic gameplay, competing Combine factions must gain control of power sources to out-produce each other and ultimately destroy their opponents. DetailsDownload 

84. hlparse, the Half-Life log parser 0.11 hlparse is, as the name would suggest, a Half-Life log parser and interpreter. Half-Life dedicated servers produce data output in a standard format (although they didn't in the past) which is relatively nice to parse. DetailsDownload 

85. JetaShot! 8 JetaShot! is a cross-plattform Deathmatch Shooter under zlib/libpng License in planning/pre-alpha process, so far where using Ogre3D ( as a rendering engine and OIS for input system. Squirrel and OpenAL are being discussed. DetailsDownload 

86. CrashPoint - The experiment failed 1.0 "CrashPoint - The experiment failed" is a mix of the "Worms" game and realtime-action (like Quake), but in 2D. So it is a little bit like "Liero". The game is written in Delphi and for Win32 platforms. DetailsDownload 

87. HL SID 1.0 HL SID: An Action RPG Half-Life Modification. DetailsDownload 

88. LibSportIdent 0.2.1 Library for interfacing with sportident cards and stations. Developed in conjunction with Ovent DetailsDownload 

89. ThresholdHL 1.0 ThresholdHL is a project for the Microsoft XBOX Version of Half-Life 2. It is used for editing/modifying BSP Maps. DetailsDownload 

90. Replica (3D graphics framework) 1.0 Replica is a 3D engine targeted specifically at graphics rendering that will always strive to be - As flexible as possible, yet make it quick and easy to get started - Perform all common operations and effects required by a 3d engine DetailsDownload 

91. MapDown! 1.0 Mapdown is a little application to download and install automatically maps for Battefield 2(r). Future releases will include other games on the Battlefield Series. Mapdown only requires an internet connection and .NET Framework 1.1 DetailsDownload 

92. De-Gamed 1.0 Degamed will be a First-Person-Shooter / MMO, with very customizable gameplay and game content. DG will be 90% P2P, instead of a server/client based framework, and will be programmed in OpenGL/SDL/C++. DetailsDownload 

93. AntiSpeeder 1.0 AntiSpeeder for CS2D in Lua DetailsDownload 

94. Query Server TCL 0.41 A family of TCL scripts allowing eggdrop bots to query game servers via public commands in IRC. The script submits commands to QStat and returns the result via notice or publicly in the channel. DetailsDownload 

95. OpenBirds 32 OpenBirds is a massive multiplayer war simulation situated in second world war. The purpose of OpenBirds is to be a free (as in beer and speech) open source simulation comparable to commercial alternatives such as WW2 Online and Aces High. DetailsDownload 

96. NM Stats 1.0 NM Stats is a project aimed to produce a fully functional stats package for the popular quake3 mod "Urban Terror". DetailsDownload 

97. Forgery 0.1.0 Forgery is the first cross-platform Aleph One map editor. DetailsDownload 

98. ET-Pipe 0.47 ETPipe is a small Python utility for RTCW:Enemy Territory. It serves as a platform for plugins to dynamically read/write to the in-game console. Some useful standard plugins are included by default and users can easily script their own. DetailsDownload 

99. Survival Source Release 1.0 Source code and resources for build 1.06 of Survival(tm).Please refer to the release notes for detailed information. DetailsDownload 

100. Polaris Mobile Navigation 1.1 Project to create a bot for Quake 2 using the FEAR AI Framework in C++. This is research based, and is meant to explore the use of fuzzy subsumption architectures for navigation in three dimensions. DetailsDownload 

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