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161. Existence Engine 2 The Existence engine is a free 3d game engine. The first version of the engine has been completed and is available for download. A new engine has been started (named Existence 2.0 Engine) featuring technologies like stencil shadowing and bumpmapping. DetailsDownload 


162. GameQ - PHP Game Server Status... A PHP 5 library for querying game servers. Currently supporting over 160 games, including source (half-life), unreal and quake engine games, ase &amp; gamespy protocols. Newer games supported are Crysis &amp; Call of Duty 5. Also supports... DetailsDownload 

163. metarace 1.6.8 A collection of utilities to support timing and result preparation for track and road cycle races. DetailsDownload 

164. ProjectFPS 1.0 ProjectFPS is a new FPS currently in the planning stages. the game will feature many cool features, more info coming soon. atm the dev team is two people. we hope to get a Pre-Alfa version of the game within the next few months DetailsDownload 

165. Mobile Arena 1.0 A fast-paced multiplayer 3D first person shooter with vehicles, set in large outdoor environments, designed to showcase the features of the underlying Destination game engine. DetailsDownload 

166. EpicRP3 3 A from-scratch remake of an epic roleplay gamemode for the Steam game Garry's Mod. Version 2.1 can be found at DetailsDownload 

167. Asthma3D 1.0 Asthma3D is a small horror game in a 3D environnement, in which you control an asthmatic person, trying to ... ? DetailsDownload 

168. Searchwar 14.8.11 SearchWar is a LIVE webbased match database system for computer gamers around the world. The system can help you to find an opponent in a computer game. The project is offline, but it's being developed at the moment. DetailsDownload 

169. Rankmod 1.0 A stats based mod for Counter-strike 1.5 (based on statsme) that rewards players with bonuses and extras that you can achieve while playing and is stored permanently DetailsDownload 

170. Capivar Hunter 0.1.0 Capivar Hunter is a simple 3d shooter written in Python/OpenGL intended as a learning platform to Game Development, Python and 3d Programming. Although it should be at least somewhat funny, the main objective of it is being simple and easy to extend. DetailsDownload 

171. TankMania beta FPS Multiplayer Game starring flying tanks ! DetailsDownload 

172. kXBot 1.1 Bot for Counter-Strike (Half-life modification) using multiagent systems for enhanced AI. DetailsDownload 

173. psDooM (aka: DooM for Sys A's) 1.0 psDooM is a process monitor and manager for *nix systems. It could be considered a graphical interface to the 'ps', 'renice', and 'kill' commands. psDooM is based on XDoom, which is based on id Software's 'Doom'. DetailsDownload 

174. dampsfootball 1.0 start to create a fanatsy football league webseite DetailsDownload 

175. itgd map pack 1.0 Mapas para CS 1.6 desenvolvido pelo ITGD -x- Fontes e compilado DetailsDownload 

176. System Shock 1 Tools 1.0 A set of libraries and tools for examining and modding the classic DOS game System Shock DetailsDownload 

177. Off The Ropes 1.0 A first person wrestling game utilizing the Unreal 3 Engine. Big arenas and destructible items make this game everything it should be. WANTED! Programmers and modellers. DetailsDownload 

178. KStrike 1.0 Multiplayer first person shooter, inspired by Valves Counter-Strike, created using OpenGL and KDE-Libraries DetailsDownload 

179. Jungle Siege 1.0 Jungle Siege is an open source Vietnam era game released under the GPL license. It is a multiplayer-only(singleplayer will be added much later) first person tactical game with the same feel as counter-strike. It's framework is the... DetailsDownload 

180. Castle Of The Dead 1.0 Castle Of The Dead est un FPS faon Rsident Evil et Wolfeintein!Vous tes dans un chateau remplis de zombies, qui est galement un vrais labyrinthe! Essayez dj de survivre mais encore faudrait-il que vous trouvez la sortie! DetailsDownload 

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