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121. Express Burn Mac DVD Burning Software... Use Express Burn Mac Plus DVD burner to burn video and data DVDs and data Blu Ray discs. Seamlessly burn video for playback on your computer or dvd player. Converting many formats automatically. Express Burn Plus Features: * Data DVDs, perfect for... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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122. Perl Audio Converter 4.0.5 Tool to convert audio from one format to another. It supports AAC, AC3, AIFF, APE, AU, AVR, BONK, CAF, CDR, FLA, FLAC, IRCAM, LA, LPAC, MAT, M4A, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPC, MPP, OFR, OFS, OGG, PAC, PAF, RA, RAM, RAW, SHN, SMP, SND, SPX, TTA, VOC, WAV,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

123. cdstatus: CD diagnostics & audio... cdstatus is a CD Drive and CDROM analyzer and ripper. It can display lots of disc info. It can rip music cd's to your hard drive as mp3, mp2, ogg, or wav all without intermediate files, right from the command line, with full CDDB and ID3 tag... DetailsDownload 

124. cd2mp3 3.beta3 no-nonsence perl script for ripping a cd to mp3'ssmall and easy DetailsDownload 

125. Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.7_150 4.7_150 Acoustica MP3 CD Burner is intuitive music burning software! Not only will it burn your music in the order you want it, but it will let you edit each song to get rid of silence, extra long applauses or fade in and out incomplete songs! Boost or EQ... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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126. Norae Joe 32 Multi platform GUI CD Ripper &amp; Encorder.Using Python, wxPython, Python extension module(akrip lib, lame_enc, paranoia) etc... DetailsDownload 

127. ISO CD Burner 1.0 ISO CD Burner is an extremely simple burning software for .ISO CD files. You can just copy the standalone executable into the folder that contains your ISO file(s), select the file and press a button. It can compute fast MD5 checksum check, if you... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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128. DimFil Burner Win32 DE 2.0 Write. Erase. CD. DVD. Requirements: N DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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129. Nero StartSmart 1.0 Nero StartSmart is a project launcher that lets computer beginners and experts alike seamlessly access all Nero 7 Premium Reloaded applications. After launching Nero StartSmart, select the desired task and the corresponding application starts... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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130. ZC WMV to DVD Burner 6.6.4 ZC WMV to DVD Burner transcodes and burns WMV, ASF, ASX files into DVD disc. With DVD encoding and burning engine integrated you can easily Merge up to 4 hours of multiple movies or episodic files to standard MPEG2 Video and burn it into a DVD... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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131. TunaEyes 1.0 Extensible cross platform (UNIX, MacOS X, Windows) music player and organiser somewhat inspired by iTunes. Currently pre-alpha. Check homepage link for more information. DetailsDownload 

132. MP3::Admin 1.0 MP3::Admin is a perlscript to manage your collection of MP3s. Rip your Audio-CDs directly to your collection. Edit automatically the ID3-Tags using FreeDB or Amazon as data source, generate formatted lists and stats about your MP3s. DetailsDownload 

133. crystalRIP 1.3 Automates ripping CD's via a server script that listens for commands over TCP. Can rip to ogg, flac, and mp3. Can upload music to any machine when finished, and sends an email notification when finished. Designed to run on a machine that is... DetailsDownload 

134. audio cd ripper frontend 1.0 A frontend for cdparanoia and cdda2wav. Made for secure ripping. Supports ripping to flac, wavpack, musepack, ogg vorbis and mp3. Creates xml logs. DetailsDownload 

135. ShareCD b.1.0 A linux console application which rips CDs to MP3 files and shares them. DetailsDownload 

136. 1.2 This is a simple Python module for retrieving and setting so-calledID3 tags on MP3 compressed audio files through an object-orientedinterface. MP3 players generally use this simple information fordisplay track title, artist name, and album title whi DetailsDownload 

137. Kopy, a ripper for KDE 1.0 An CD Digital Audio Ripper for KDE using cdparanoia and lame (or any other codec) with FreeDB-support. Maybe support for other media is added in the future (like DVD)... DetailsDownload 

138. Audirella 1.0 The Audirella is a piece of ripping CDs and converting audio formats in the form of wizard. Use great tools such as: cdparanoia, cdda2wav, bladenc, lame, oggenc, oggdec, etc.. It is written in shell-script and uses Xdialog to generate the windows. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

139. Kitty-Kitty Quick and Dirty CD... Kitty-Kitty is a gtk-perl frontend to cdrecord and mkisofs. It is not feature rich and is designed to automate some common cd making tasks . DetailsDownload 

140. BashBurn++ 1.0 BashBurn++ is the C++ port of BashBurn, a collection of shell scripts for simplifying CD/DVD burning in the console. DetailsDownload 

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