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81. 365d 1.0.1 365d Intenta acercar la potencia de los ERP clase empresarial a las Pymes, Micropymes y AutA?nomos de EspaA±a con un servicio en nube DetailsDownload - Screenshot


82. BPMspace 1.2 BPMspace is open for extensions and free to use. BPMspace connects business processes with each other, similar to a relational database. Learn how to build/model a CMS and CMDB: DetailsDownload 

83. Gerenciador de Usurios de Telecentro 1.0 This is a user management system for public and communitary access of Telecentres. It is under development in Ruby on Rails. DetailsDownload 

84. Web Help Designer 1.0 Useful designer to create and support web help within web browser DetailsDownload 

85. Simple Feature Modeler 1.0 A simple textual feature model editor to generate feature model diagrams as DOT and SVG files. The DOT files can be used as an input for GraphViz' dot. SVG requires dot installed on your computer and added to your classpath. DetailsDownload 

86. Documentation Identifier and Evaluator 4 Doceval is a software that allows to discover the documentation included in a tarball. Basically it serves to identify if a given software project has doc at all and helps with a report to evaluate how much documentation it has and how good it is. DetailsDownload 

87. Mousse ToDos Applet 1.9 Mousse ToDos Applet is a simple but efficient ToDo list applet. Basic functionality: add, edit, delete items. Notes are grouped and displayed in categories so you can have ToDo lists on different subjects. No need for double-clicks, just press and se DetailsDownload - Screenshot

88. WUB Alarm Clock 1.0 WUB is a simple alarm clock used to play an mp3 at a given time. Features 1. Multiple alarms can be done, with each alarm getting its own tray icon. 2. Command line is supported. Open about box for info. 3. Volume of alarm music can be decided. 4.... DetailsDownload 

89. TimeSlotTracker 1.2.7 Simple and useful time tracker. Collects tasks and works (timeslots) in hierarchical tree. Has: reports (based on xslt templates), localization (6 langs), xml data format, ical, jnlp and JIRA (R) support. Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

90. Simacv 1.0 Sistema que gestiona ventas y compras, genera factura, boletas, ect etc DetailsDownload 

91. Stock Manager express 1.0 Stock Manager is an easy way to look after small company stock levels, products components, suppliers, customers and finance. Source code now available as well as the exe setup in the files section DetailsDownload - Screenshot

92. jookshop 1.0 A small software set for retail shop including - Point of sale - Stock/Inventory database DetailsDownload 

93. XULBiz ERP/CRM 1.0 This project is a CRM/ERP program, based on OpenTaps. Instead of the web-based thin client, it is an XUL/Mozilla based thick client. DetailsDownload 

94. UDIS - Untung Diesel Integrated... UDIS - Untung Diesel Intergrated System.Develop by ERPsoft.Current Module :1. Inventory2. Sales3. Purchase4. Finance5. Attandance SystemDevelopment Tools:1. Visual Basic 6.02. Crystal Report 8.53. SQL Server 7.0 DetailsDownload 

95. Symposium 1.0 A collaborative web conferencing plateform.Easy to use, and fully open-source.When there is a need, there is a wish.Where there is a will, there is way.Symposium will answer your need in your IT. DetailsDownload 

96. QuickERP custom, rapid implementation... The mission of QuickERP is to prepackaged a set of modules, services, setup procedures, implementation guides to allow for rapid professional deployment of ERP for many verticals (MFG, Retail, Sevices, Distribution, Property Management, Health... DetailsDownload 

97. Nmwerp: the free .NET/MONO ERP System rc Extensible highly scalable ERP with encrypted XML backend; allows binding of any frontend (.NET,MONO,Java...).PlugIns:Contact management,disposition,invoices,reports,commAddon (e-mail,fax,TAPI,buddies,chat),osCommerce,StoreNuke, eBay,Amazon... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

98. ORBS - Online Room Booking System 1.0 ORBS is an Online Room Booking System, designed for educational use. It can handle multiple rooms, and a two week timetable, full support for users and administrators. DetailsDownload 

99. Teacher's Planner 2040 Did you ever search a tool that helps you in scheduling lessons ? Then this is your tool. Simply enter the needed information, use predefined snippets or create new ones. Click the finish button and you will get a nice PDF file, ready to print. DetailsDownload 

100. ReST Editor A reStructuredText editor plugin for Eclipse. This project aims to provide a good support for Sphinx documentation generation in the Eclipse IDE. DetailsDownload 

Software 81-100 of 5,283     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   ...   265   Next >>   page  

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