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101. NoMoDoc 1.0 Documentation of sourcecode like javadoc. converts sourcecode to wikipedia. DetailsDownload 


102. MetaMongrel 1.0 Software to assist in the population and management of a MediaWiki based Enterprise Data Dictionary. Syncronizes with information stored within the data dictionaries of DBMS's (incl. Oracle,SQL Server,DB2,RDB). Also supports importing of .csv... DetailsDownload 

103. Propoganda - Documentation Tool 1.0 Multi Language Documentation Creation Tool Based On JavaDoc DetailsDownload 

104. Certification Source Repository 1.0 A series of .Net soultions and projects that demonstrate the skills needed to pass Microsoft exams. These will be group/associated by Exam Number and language. DetailsDownload 

105. CellStorm 1.0 CellStorm is a web-based documentation development and management tool. We want to provide an advanced tool for organice, generate, and manage project concept/design documentation. This tool can be used to develop games, large projects, programs,... DetailsDownload 

106. Article about Eclipse AST 1.0 An article describing the purpose and the possibilities of theEclipse Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). DetailsDownload 

107. db2dot 0.2.1 Reverse engineers a database using foreign key constraints. Output format is a graphviz dot file representing the ER diagram. DetailsDownload 

108. phpChecklist 1.0 phpChecklist provides an collaborative online checklist or to-do list for any tasks or events you want to get done. DetailsDownload 

109. Cool Help Desk 1.0 A simple ticket system app developed in php + mysql for a school project DetailsDownload 

110. Timeulator 1.0 Keep track of your time spent working on different projects. Add and remove jobs, manually adjust time between jobs. Data stored in simple plain text files. Standalone. Compact. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

111. Cronos Control, The Time tracking... CC is an open source tracking time software. Is very common in many organizations have projects where time tracking is the most important metric, many of these organizations depends on this information to even price the efforts of these projects. DetailsDownload 

112. A D D Timer 1.1.1 A D D Timer, a simple timer application for Windows that helps remind you when a set time is up. The application allows you to launch multiple instances with different titles and time periods that are based on settings passed to it from an XML file. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

113. Cydonia Applications Framework 1.0 A client runtime framework, a applications server and a developer framework for simple modular business (ERP, CRM, etc) applications written in java. DetailsDownload 

114. It's the BOM, Yo! 1.0 Web Based Bill of Materials manager optimized for small to medium sized projects. DetailsDownload 

115. soopERP 1.0 state-of-the-art, web-based ERP environment DetailsDownload 

116. Compiere JasperReports Integration 1.0 This project provide an add-on for the Compiere ERP/CRM system for using JasperReports reports under Compiere, you can deploy your reports on target client or on Compiere Application Server. Reports are downloaded and compiled only if needed.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

117. Apeiron 2.7 Es una herramienta para alumnos de la Universidad de Guadalajara (UdG) que ayuda a la elaboracion de horarios en SIIAU. DetailsDownload 

118. JAgendax 1.0 JAgendax es una libreta de direcciones muy sencilla, realizada en Java. Por esta razn se puede ejecutar en varios sistemas operativos. JAgendax is a very simple address book developed in Java. Thats why it can be executed in several Operating System DetailsDownload - Screenshot

119. ShortNotizer 1.0 For fast notes in your browser, an electronic cardbox system, a database, with reports on subjects and time . Pure and simple. With newLISP as a localhost. DetailsDownload 

120. JDiff - HTML report of API... JDiff is a Javadoc doclet which emits an HTML report of all the packages, classes, methods, and so on, which are different (the "diff" part) when two Java APIs are compared. Great for reporting what has changed between two releases of your... DetailsDownload 

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