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121. DstyleDoc 1.0 DstyleDoc is a light documentation generator for your PHP script. Quick and extensible, it based on the D embedded documentation and designed for PHP5 compatible code. DetailsDownload 


122. Do178Builder 1.0 Do178Builder is a documentation tool that can integrate DO-178B or DO-254 based documementation for airborne-software or airborne-hardware with the development effort, in a manner intended to reduce the overhead associated with certification. DetailsDownload 

123. HTML Help Real Merging Tool 1.0 The HTML Help Real Merging Tool merges HTML help projects root and branch and enables the latter content reusing within the heaps of help files, which regular methods and Microsoft did not achieve. It facilitates the Help File readers and editors... DetailsDownload 

124. Taskmanager CMS 1.0 A CMS to install a easy task manager. DetailsDownload 

125. JTrac Extensions 1.0.0 JTrac toolkit: WebServices , Eclipse Plug -in and for Android phones DetailsDownload 

126. WorkReporter 1.0 WorkReporter is a tool to report work time and keep track of your work expense.WorkReporter runs as standalone or server/client application for multipl users. DetailsDownload 

127. Fred Server 1.3.5 FredServer is the server component for the Fred 2007 time recording client. With FredServer it is possible to collect the efforts recorded by the Fred 2007 client and to store these efforts in a central database for further analysis. DetailsDownload 

128. Software Process Dashboard 1.15 A tool to support individuals and teams using high-maturity, metrics-intensive project management methodologies [such as PSP(SM) and TSP(SM)]. Supports personal and team earned value tracking and forecasting; simplifies metrics collection and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

129. Gourangi Operational BI 1.0 Gourangi is an Operational BI product enables Business users an environment to configure KPIs, monitor them and automate the decision making process at real time. It also supports multi-channel alerting which can be configured as per... DetailsDownload 

130. Calipso 1.0 Calipso is the ideal team collaboration system for your organization. Features include customizable workflows, custom fields, field level permissions, e-mail and LDAP integration, asset management, file attachments and a detailed history view. DetailsDownload 

131. OpenBISuite alpha.20061126 Open Source Web-based Business Intelligence platform DetailsDownload 

132. plan58 58 Plan58 is a practical student project for our software engineering subject. The software is developed in collaboration with a local company. Its aim is to manage the companies warehouse and control the warehouse stock. DetailsDownload 

133. osFaktura 1.0 Osfaktura provides you a platform to manage your contacts, customers, products and much more. Some features: Creating invoices, providing functions to manage your ebay auctions, interface to web-shop and much more.... DetailsDownload 

134. SAP Payment Card 1.0 Mudiampci provides SAP payment card, credit card encryption, and tokenization. Includes CRM web store shopping cart solutions, SAP certified ECC software for real time process. DetailsDownload 

135. wsenable 1.0 wsenable is a framework for the WebService enablement of applications that can't / won't natively talk soap / wsdl. Currently it includes code to expose SAP RFCs as WebServices. DetailsDownload 

136. ARSystem Automation Library 1.0 Automation wrapper for the Remedy AR System C API updated to version 6.x DetailsDownload 

137. job-assigner 1.0 Assign job to persons based on time the person needs to accomplish them. The total time is minimized. DetailsDownload 

138. Sporkforge Employee Scheduler 1.0 The web-based employee scheduling tool at Given employee scheduling constraints, and a minimum hourly workload to cover, it will generate an optimal schedule which covers the workload and matches the constraints as closely as... DetailsDownload 

139. DocBook sml 0.0.4 DocBook sml maintains multilingual documentations, generates fully automated artifacts(html,pdf,xml,txt), uses DocBook XSL,Saxon,Xalan,FOP,Lynx, is driven by Ant,Yax, supports Computer Aided Translation and runs standalone or in an IDE like Eclipse. DetailsDownload 

140. The Forest Project 1.1.1 The Forest Project aims at building a repository in which documentation artefacts about any system, and relations between them, can be stored, from which documents can be generated and can aid in checking whether the system is consistent and complete DetailsDownload 

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