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141. MySPDoc 1.0 Create Documentation for MySQL Stored Procedures and Functions DetailsDownload 


142. workingReport 1.0 eine genauere Beschreibung um was es bei diesem Skript geht besuchen sie bitte DetailsDownload 

143. iRecess 1.0 iRecess is a small iPhone utility that allow you to take a short recess while in a busy day. It have a timer that starts counting time when you take recess and notify you when recess time is over. DetailsDownload 

144. Tick Java Desktop 1.0 This is a Java-based alternative for keeping track of project time on; although Tickspot does offer a desktop app, it is written in Adobe Air - it doesn't run well under Linux, and crashes a fair amount. This project is an effort... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

145. MLabs MLM 1.0 Multi-Level Marketing Software DetailsDownload 

146. IDA Intelligence Data Analytics 1.0 IDA intelligence data analytics is an application framework for analysing intelligence data using php and javascript web application frameworks. The PHP framework is based on KohanaPHP and the Javascript framework is based on JQuery. DetailsDownload 

147. retailpos 1.0 customize retail pos solution for indian context DetailsDownload 

148. Fate, Flow And Transformation Engine 1.0 FATE accepts or finds data to transform and forwards the data to a destination. FATE can perform various kinds of transformations (XSLT, template engines) and supports multiple transport protocols (HTTP, local filesystem). DetailsDownload 

149. nextstep CRM 1.0 Customer Relationship Management System tailored to the needs of artists, bands &amp; people on stage! DetailsDownload 

150. myasist 1.0 my asist is a framework which provide you a confortable developing base by sum up some programming tools (as dotNet framework,Boo Programming Language,jQuery and Ajax) using my asist you can prepare a HTML based application easily. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

151. ZF Inventory Management Tool 1.0 This is a VB.Net and SQL based management web application used for Chemical Industry Manufacturers. DetailsDownload 

152. ILS Gestionale Associazioni 1.0 I.G.A. - ILS gestionale associazioni DetailsDownload 

153. erp4linux 1.0 ERP4Linux is an ERP/PPS/CRM-System for manufactory companies. It is written in Gambas and uses MySQL-Database. The modules: Master data, customer orders, supplier orders, stock management, manufacturing, planning, finances, etc... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

154. DiegoInventoryCE 20120409 This is a simple PHP/MySQL based asset management system which was written in response to a real business need. The business problem was that a system was required to track all items of equipment supplied to a customers site as well as any... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

155. OpenTTPM 1.0 OpenTTPM is an Open Source Time-Tracking and Project Management software which will be expanded on my demands as a former developer and currently as a project manager and also to other user's needs. DetailsDownload 

156. Mayordomo 1.0 Java aplication. Manages cars spends money and kilometres.Aplicacin java para el control de coches, consumos, kilometros, y otros gastos. Da controles mensuales de kilometros y gastos, asi como un historico. Utiliza HSQLDB y Jasper Reports. DetailsDownload 

157. Human Resource Web Manager 0.1 HRMWEBMANAGER is a Human Resources' Portal that will assist you in managing your company's human resources. Based on portal architecture, this solution reflects the main areas of HR Management. DetailsDownload 

158. wikidocs 1.0 A new content management system for effective management of product documentation. A primary features are: management of heterogeneous data sources, well structured content presentation and user-powered creation of the content DetailsDownload 

159. Validation Manager 1.0 Validation Manager is a tool to handle all the cumbersome paperwork of regulated environment validations. Including Validation Plans, protocols, executions and exceptions. Keeping everything in one place and best of all paperless. DetailsDownload 

160. Rebol Programming For Absolute... This tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to accomplish real world programming goals with Rebol. The text aims to teach average users to program computers to do useful things, without the long and difficult learning curve imposed by other languages. DetailsDownload 

Software 141-160 of 5,283     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   ...   265   Next >>   page  

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