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1. SQLRD SSRS Data Driven Automation... Data Driven & Automated SSRS Reports with SQL-RD SQL-RD is a dynamic, flexible, function-rich & intuitive automation tool for scheduling, exporting, distributing & delivering your Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)... DetailsDownload 

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2. Database Dictionaries German 1.8 Bilingual Dictionaries German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, SQL, MS-Excel, MS-Access. For Companies with own applications: Dictionaries, Thesauruses and Verb Conjugations for English, French, Spanish, German,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Bilingual , dictionaries , french , spanish , german , portuguese , english , italian , dutch , swedish

3. CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler... CRD (Crystal Reports Distributor) is a Crystal Reports Scheduler that saves time & money by making it easy to automate Crystal reports. Just define single or packages of Crystal Reports, schedule, run them automatically and send the reports to... DetailsDownload 

Tags: Crystal Reports Scheduler , Crystal Reports Automation , Report Automation , Report Delivery , business reports , business intelligence , Business Intelligence Software , Saas Business Intelligence

4. Automobile Dictionary English German 1.8 Bilingual Automobile industry Dictionary English German in SQL, Excel, Access. Vocabulary from the fields of Construction, production, re- establishment, spare parts, manufacturing, manufacturing process, etc. For Companies with own... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: automobile , industry , technical , Bilingual , dictionaries , dictionary , english , german , sql , excel

5. FlowHeater 4.1.0 FlowHeater is a powerful tool for connecting widely differing data sources and targets using a flexible graphically defined conversion. CSV (text) import/export becomes childs play. Adapters are available for import/export/update of MS Access, MS... DetailsDownload 

Tags: import , export , importer , Exporter , csv , txt , xml , dbf , ascii , sqlserver

6. Database Converters for Windows 3.15 Convert your Excel, Access, DBF, CSV files to different formats with ease. Every converter works as a standalone application with the graphic interface or using a command line interface. Various options allow you to customize the output file. The... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: database , converter , dbf , sql , csv , excel , access , json , xml

7. Stellar SQL Database Toolkit 8.0 Stellar SQL Database Toolkit solves three SQL server problems in one shot. It combines 3 unique tools aimed at 3 purposes - fixing issues in damaged / corrupted MDF files and repairing inaccessible SQL database to allow smooth data recovery from... DetailsDownload 

Tags: sql repair , Sql Backup Recovery , sql password recovery , Stellar Data Recovery , data recovery software , Recover Sql Database

8. Geodata Germany 21.07 The database tables contains geodata of the Federal Republic of Germany with geo referenced towns, municipalities, town quarters and other administrative units, postal codes, telephone preselections, nature areas, landscapes, climatic zones and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: geo , data , geodata , coordinate , coordinates , periphery , proximity , search , nature , area

9. MARS Automation For MS Access 7.1 MARS (Microsoft Access Reports Scheduler) is a dynamic, flexible, function-rich and intuitive automation tool for automating, scheduling, exporting, distributing and delivering your Microsoft Access reports, queries & macros. Easy To Use... DetailsDownload 

Tags: ms access , microsoft access , access reports , Access Queries , Access Macros , Database Reporting , business intelligence

10. TextPipe Pro 10.1 Slam-dunk the most challenging edit tasks with TextPipe Pro - a powerful text-processing utility that combines 270+ conversion, transformation, extraction and report mining operations on UNLIMITED text or binary files of UNLIMITED size, including... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: extract , mine , text mining , mining , report Mining , mainframe , Copybook , cobol , ebcdic , convert text

11. TOPOWIN 16.03 TOPOWIN is a state-wide register of the German Topographic Cartographies, the German Basic Cartography and of localities with geo references in different coordinate systems. It is also a topographic information system. In the division of planning... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Topography , Geodetics , geography , corner , box , coordinate , map , guide , Tk25 , Tk50

12. ORTWIN 13.02 ORTWIN is a program for the state-wide inquiry of the localities, postal codes and telephone selections in Germany. It finds postal zip codes, telephone pre selections, coordinates and ground level elevations. The program determines municipal... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: local , index , register , place , locality , town , city , cities , quarter , geo

13. objectiF RPM 4.0 Stakeholders, goals, the system architecture, conditions, changes, system context, risksthere are countless aspects to consider as a requirements engineer, business analyst, development leader or product manager. So why not capture your... DetailsDownload 

Tags: Requirements Engineering , agile development , System Development , software , uml , Sysml , Application Lifecycle Management , development management , requirements , backlog

14. Altova DatabaseSpy Professional... Altova DatabaseSpy 2017 Professional Edition is the unique multi-database data management, query, design, compare, and convert tool from the creators of XMLSpy. DatabaseSpy connects to all major databases, easing SQL editing and other database... DetailsDownload 

Tags: Database Tool , Database Differencing , database comparison , Database Merging , Database Tools , database development , Database Design , database query , database query tool , sql editor

15. Altova DatabaseSpy Enterprise Edition... Altova DatabaseSpy 2017 Enterprise Edition is the unique multi-database query, design, compare, and convert tool from the creators of XMLSpy. DatabaseSpy connects to all major databases, easing SQL editing and other database tasks for a fraction... DetailsDownload 

Tags: Database Tool , Database Differencing , database comparison , Database Merging , Database Tools , database development , Database Design , database query , database query tool , sql editor

16. Altova MapForce Professional Edition... Altova MapForce 2017 Professional Edition is a graphical data mapping tool for transforming between XML, database, and flat file formats. This award-winning visual data mapper converts data instantly or autogenerates royalty-free XSLT, XQuery,... DetailsDownload 

Tags: Xml Mapper , Generate Xslt , Generate Xquery , Data Mapping , data mapping debugger , data transformation , Data Converter , Data Mapper , data conversion , Data Integration

17. Boachsoft Bizcom 2017 From Boachsoft, the creator of the best video or equipment rental software, landlord software, personal finance software and boachsoft flames, comes Boachsoft Bizcom, another time saver making you more productive. This is a great reporting tool.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: communications , software , printing , email , database , Bizcom , utilities , reports

18. DataNumen SQL Recovery 2.7 DataNumen SQL Recovery (DSR) is a powerful tool to repair and recover corrupt SQL Server MDF database files. It can scan the MDF files and associated NDF files, then recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file... DetailsDownload 

Tags: Repair Sql , sql repair , fix sql , Sql Fix , Recover Sql , sql recovery , repair Mdf , Mdf Repair , fix mdf , mdf fix

19. Access Forensics 2017.04.04 Access Forensics is advanced tool for MS Access 2000-2016 (.mdb, .mdw, .mde, .accdb, .accde, .accda, ...) analysis, recovery and preview as well as password recovery and protection removal. Access Forensics is designed with 3 main goals: gain... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: access forensics , access database , database forensics , database recovery , table recovery , columns recovery , password recovery , database analysis , user level security , Vba Source Code Viewer

20. DBF Viewer 2000 6.55 DBF files have been the standard format for database management systems ever since dBase III was released in 1984. In the decades since, this format has been adopted by several variations of dBase known as xBase, causing it to remain one of the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Dbf Viewer , Dbf Editor , dbf file , dbf files , Foxpro Editor , Dbase Editor , dbase , dbase file , Foxpro Table

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