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101. BitNami phpBB Stack 3.0.11-1 1 BitNami phpBB Stack greatly simplifies the deployment of phpBB and its required dependencies. It can be deployed using a native installer, as a virtual machine, in the cloud or as a module over an already installed infrastructure Stack. phpBB... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: phpBB Installer , Content Management Systems , Install phpBB , phpbb , stack , BitNami


102. HTML-Optimizer for Mac 10.7.2 HTML-Optimizer speeds up your site by optimizing both HTML and script code of your web pages and optimizing your JPEG/PNG images. It helps you keep organized by creating a duplicate site folder for the optimized files. HTML-Optimizer is... DetailsDownload 

Tags: HTML Optimizer , code compress , html clean , optimizer , optimize , clean

103. Diamond Map of USA 1.0 Diamond Map of USA. Selector area interactive map of United States with zoom and hotspots! Easy adjustment. Variants of using a map locator: - Real-Estate websites - Quick access to contact organization data, having affiliated network With this... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: diamond , map , Of , usa , flash , interactive , maps , location , locator , navigation

104. 3D Carousel Menu 1 - XML options Image_width and Image_heigth Slow and Fast speed Select color Add to XML pictures you want to seeOCZ Menu_name Menu_URL - ActionScript 3.0 , is very simple comment- Very fast- Very easy install , just drag and drop in your project -... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: 3D Carousel Menu

105. Flash Banner Maker for Mac 1.00 Flash Banner Maker for Mac is a free but practical online banner tool for Mac, which helps to create animated and attractive banners on your Macintosh. As Freeware, however, AnvSoft Flash Banner Maker for Mac provides 60+ cool entrance and exit... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: flash banner maker for mac , dynamic text banner , flash animations , create flash banner for mac , flash banner creator , banner maker , flash intro banners , Ad Banner , Banner Software , Banner Generator

106. Horizontal Image Gallery v3 1 XML driven horizontal image gallery.FEATURES INCLUDED: * XML driven Flash image gallery / product viewer * Supports multiple items defined in XML file * Image/swf names/paths set in XML file * Button colors set in XML file * Item-button spacing... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: horizontal , image , gallery , xml , as3 , flashblue , timer , item , position , play

107. Power Website Fullscreen Background V2 1 * XML driven. * Supports 15 unique background styles.* Support add jpeg, png, gif, swf, and video.* Supports OCtleft_rightOCL,OCLleft_bottomOCL,OCLcenterOCL,OCLright_topOCL,OCLright_bottomOCL - 5 types of align styles.* Supports set delay time,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: 15 effect , as3 , Auto Play , background , clean , delay , Easy To Use , flv , fullscreen , gif

108. OverSite for Mac OS X 3.1.4 Easily the most advanced wireframe software, OverSiteOao, lets you quickly define the hierarchy of your website or application. Create sections and subsections, then fill them with pages and screens. Rearrange your structure with OverSite's easy... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: website hierarchy , create sitemap , site structure , designer , Wireframe , hierarchy

109. Simple Automatic Gallery 1 Very Powerful Automatic Gallery. Just configure one file and you get various gallery effects. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: simple , as3 , flash , gallery

110. Timer Applets 1.2.1 Several timer options, like color and font style, are configurable using an external XML file. All timers come with a DTD file to validate your XML (can be used with most XML editors, like the very popular XML spy). All applets include 100% of the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: flash clock , Flash Timer , Countdown Applet , java applet , flash xml , Website Counter

111. F30 SiteSpinner Pro 2013 FREE SiteSpinner Pro is a Windows-based professional Animation, Web, and Mobile Website Design software package that enables anyone to create rich, interactive Websites for desktop and mobile devices such as the iPhone DetailsDownload 

Tags: backup

112. Zen Cart RSS Export 13.1.16 Contribution, which allows syndicate products from your Zen Cart store using popular syndication formats. RSS is open file format for information export, which could be used by variety of sites/services, RSS-aware sofware and most popular internet... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Zen Cart Rss , rss Zen Cart , export Zen Cart rss , rss Zen Cart module , Zen Cart rss feed , Zen Cart export products , Zen Cart modules

113. Gallery by SpectraInfo 2.0 A simple, highly configurable image gallery for photographers, artists, and anyone else who wishes to show off their portfolio of images with class and style. Requirements: PHP-enabled Web server, ability to read Flash content DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: flash , flash photo gallery , image gallery , flash portfolio

114. Analog and Digital Clock 1 - analog clock- month,year, and digital clock slideshow- day,date show - Just drag and drop in your project - ActionScript 3.0 , is very simple comment- Very fast- Very easy install- Goog design- Small size , only 23kb DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Analog and Digital Clock

115. TV Accordion 1 - XML options Image_width and Image_heigth Add to XML pictures you want to seeOCZ Title - ActionScript 3.0 , is very simple comment- Very fast- Very easy install , just drag and drop in your project - Goog design- size 29 kb DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: TV Accordion

116. Flash Presentation DW Extension 2.0.2 Do you want to make a flash presentation, intro, poster or a flash banner for your web site? This Adobe Dreamweaver Extension allows you to do it quickly and easily. You can use it to create mini flash presentations of goods and services,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: flash presentation , flash slideshow , flash banner , Image Effect , Dreamweaver Extensions , flash presentation for dreamweaver , flash intro

117. AS3 Flash Banner Ad 1 AS3 Flash Banner AdAS3Business Flash Banner Ad. Professional, smooth, elegant, fresh, Animated banner-header-banner ad.Advanced full animated banner with flash text effects for advertising.Opens: CS3+AS: AS3 DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: as3 , AS3 flash banner , professional flash banner , banner , banner ads , banner ad , Premium Flash Banner

118. Light Ribbon Line 1 Key Features:* Lightweighted (only 4 Kb) * Pure actionscript 3.0 * Real-time renderingYou can define: * color - color of ribbon line * partLife - time for remove particle * speedSmoothness - hyperbolic spiral parametr * speedDecel - hyperbolic... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: mouse , ribbon , light , Trailer

119. BitNami Alfresco Stack 4.2.b-0 1.0 BitNami Alfresco Stack greatly simplifies the deployment of Alfresco and its required dependencies. It can be deployed using a native installer, as a virtual machine or in the cloud. Alfresco is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Alfresco Stack , Alfresco deployment , Alfresco launcher , alfresco , stack , deployment

120. Azure Cloud Director Azure Cloud Director Offers a patent pending Single Click Azure Deployment using simple drag and drop functionality. Just Drag your application root folder(.Net / Java(Beta)/ PHP ) and it shall deploy to your azure subscription using default... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Azure , Azure Management , Azure Single Click Deployment , Azure Blob Explorer

Software 101-120 of 1,566     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   ...   79   Next >>   page  

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