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101. Pika (JCRLite) 1.0 Pika is a lightweight implementation of JSR-283 (JCR Java Content Repository). DetailsDownload 


102. PegasusPHP 1.0 PegasusPHP is an open source application framework for PHP designed around a Model-View-Controller architecture pattern. PegasusPHP is strongly integrated with Smarty and Propel and designed for PHP5 or greater. DetailsDownload 

103. NXS Toolkit 1.0 The NXS Toolkit is a set of individual modules written in C99 to add some additional features missing from the language, including exception handling, interchangable file and memory I/O, and threading. Modules can be used alone or built into a... DetailsDownload 

104. NABU Library 1.0 Description: Multipurpose .Net libraryLanguage: C#Platforms: .Net Framework 2.0, .Net Compact Framework 2.0 DetailsDownload 

105. JavaFramework 1.0 JavaFramework is a general-purpose framework for Java DetailsDownload 

106. Easy PHP Framework 1.0 The Easy PHP Framework is an application framework that facilitates the rapid development of well-organized, secure, and maintainable PHP web applications. DetailsDownload 

107. Creampie 1.0 A PHP web framework for presenting entity based content. DetailsDownload 

108. plRecur 1.0 plRecur is an Oracle PL/SQL package based API for generating dates based on recurrence. The calendaring expression syntax is based on DBMS_SCHEDULER's. DetailsDownload 

109. Monasic 1.0 Networking and sockets in scripting languages is difficult and often overcomplicated! Monasic is a server daemon (service) which does all the low level work to create a simple message-based environment, allowing easy access to networking via scripts. DetailsDownload 

110. Simple OpenGL Layer (SOL) 0.32 Simple OpenGL Layer - Small cross-platform library used to create an OpenGL context. Goal to be the smallest and simplest to use layer to create OpenGL contexts. DetailsDownload 

111. FireScope Grid 0.1.3 FireScope Grid is an open source jQuery component that adds datagrid behaviors to your HTML tables, regardless of the server-side technology being used. DetailsDownload 

112. facebook cpp graph api rc meir yanovich's Implementation of facebook graph api in c++. more info: DetailsDownload 

113. phpWAFr - PHP Web Application... phpWAFr is a PHP Web Application Framework designed to accelerate the development of transactional database Web applications. It's composed of a set of infra-structure classes, functions and webpage templates for support all kind of CRUD... DetailsDownload 

114. XCallGraph 64 This is a GUI tool for viewing an analyzing files in a Callgrind Format, generated by Xdebug Profiler ( ) version 2.1.3 and higher. Java JRE 6+ required. DetailsDownload 

115. REPSI Tool 1.0 Recording the Efficiency of Patterns / SQL Idioms DetailsDownload 

116. Code Distance Visualizer 0.4.0 Code Distance Visualizer is a static program analyzer. It learns patterns in user defined faulty and correct code instances and using visualization indicates which fragments in a programs source code are the most similar to these instances. DetailsDownload 

117. Java Exception Parser 1.0 Java exception extractor. This utility will parse all files (either plain text or bzipped) and tries to search for various exceptions. It then tries to match exceptions against grouping rules (regexps). It is also able to group unrecognised... DetailsDownload 

118. xml2wsml 1.0 A tool to lift an xml schema into a Web Service Modeling Language ontology. Supports editing the ontology. DetailsDownload 

119. Lifecycle Manager 1.0 Lifecycle Manager allows software engineers to manage all stages in the development lifecycle without losing any knowledge of decisions and changes. This system is a groupware knowledge management system for software development. DetailsDownload 

120. eXtensible Abstract State Machines 1.4 The purpose of the project is to develop a programming language whose semantics is based on a minimal, imperative mathematicalmachine. DetailsDownload 

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