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121. OdeDotNet 0.0.1 OdeDotNet is a set of object-oriented CLS-compliant .NET bindings to the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE). DetailsDownload 


122. OpSim - Open Source Process Simulator 32 This project regards an open source based Chemical Engineering Process Simulator with an user friendly drag-drop graphical user interface (GUI) and an underlying high performance simulation engine. DetailsDownload 

123. uires 1.0 Xml dialog forms for WinForms .NET 2.0 DetailsDownload 

124. Swing Like Flash GUI Framework 1.0 AsWing is an ActionScript GUI framework and library that let programmer make their flash application(or RIA) UI easily, its usage is similar to Java Swing(JFC). It provides a set of GUI components with a pluggable look and feel and utility classes. DetailsDownload 

125. Layman Programming 1.0 A simple interface for programming without requiring the knowledge of programing. It uses triggers instead of normal programming which is a significant benefit for everyone starting out. DetailsDownload 

126. HMItcl 1.0 Supervisory control for a Chemical Process developed in Tcl/Tk Language DetailsDownload 

127. libShiva 0.1.1 Shiva is a C++ library for drawing and animation of vector graphics through an OpenGL context. It can also import SVG graphics and includes a set of "skinnable" standard GUI classes like Button, InputBox and ListBox to give functionality... DetailsDownload 

128. Qt Advanced Plugin System rc Qtaps is a framework for developing Qt programs using a predefined Qt plugin interface. Its primary goal is to provide a set of application plugins which bring a new level of reusability to the development life cycle. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

129. HTMLi - 100% XSL AJAX Framework 0.6 HTMLi (HTML improved) is the AJAX framework that focuses in: * Transparent use for HTML designers * Multi-platform: 100% XSL (runs with Java, ASP, PHP, etc) * CSS Themes * Multi-Language * XML Handling - AJAX forms Live demo at DetailsDownload - Screenshot

130. DotNetControlExtender rc. SMTPOP is a class Library in C# to handle SMTP and POP3 protocols. With SMTPOP class library you can read and send e-mail from your .Net software.<BR> DotnetControlext is a.Net Visual studio component to extend .Net Menu features (menu with... DetailsDownload 

131. Datamodel designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.21 pgDesigner is a Datamodel designer for PostgreSQL written in Gambas language. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

132. TestYard Team Edition 1.0 A project in which artifacts of practical code are accumulated &amp; shared within developers, for purpose of quick learning/reuse or quick memory-recovery. It defined common interface for developers to integrate their different-purposed code... DetailsDownload 

133. Test Case Generator for JUnit 1.0 This is a Eclipse Plugin for automatically generating a test case for JUnit. Given a Java class, it auto generates the appropriate test case file(s). Junit is a part of the XUnit family of frameworks. DetailsDownload 

134. PHFusion 1.0 PHFusion will convert ColdFusion code to working PHP code. It will allow sites written in ColdFusion to migrate to PHP with confidence that the change will be transparent to users. DetailsDownload 

135. Melinga Tree 1.0 Add-In for Enterprise Architect UML tool, used for code generation. DetailsDownload 

136. JS2J 1.0 Java-JavaScript framework that supports mapping of objects from Java to JavaScript and vice-versa using the AJAX technique. This framework also implements server-side pushing of objects to the browser (Comet, Reverse AJAX, ...). DetailsDownload 

137. 0Line Game Creator 1.0 0Line Game Creator is (will be) a wysiwyg game editor !!! With no need to any line of code. It generates C++ Code that can be compiled on any platform which supports Ogre3D, ODE and some other libraries :D DetailsDownload 

138. Futemplerator 0.3 Plugin for the CASE tool Fujaba. It enables the use of Velocity templates in activity graphs. Primary usage: Code generation in model transformations in association with the plugin SPin. DetailsDownload 

139. Francafa 1.0 Project for develop and implement a tool to speed up the use of Design Patterns and UML Diagrams in Java. The project is about UMLClasses2Java: make automatic the process of generate a Class Diagram. The project uses eUML2. DetailsDownload 

140. Zlang = Java in XML 0.01.alpha An XML based Java and a tool for Visual Programming DetailsDownload 

Software 121-140 of 24,583     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   ...   1230   Next >>   page  

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