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141. POJO Maker 1.0 POJO Maker is a pojo generator made to be KISS. Connect it to your database and POJO will be created. Fast and Easy! DetailsDownload 


142. MIX Machine Emulation 0.11 The program emulates a MIX machine (introduced by Knuth in his books "The Art of Computer Programming").- MIX Assembly Language (MIXAL) parser that converts the MIXAL code to MIX machine code- a MIX interpreter which executes MIX machine code DetailsDownload 

143. phpStylist 1.0 Format, clean-up, beautify and standardize your php code with a comprehensive set of 34 options. A single 50Kb file that will highly improve the quality of your code. 3 operation modes: web interface, command line and PSPad integration. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

144. vcs-util 0.23 vcs-util is a utility aimed at providing a more comfortable interface to subversion, where its possible to checkout from a common location by specifying just the repository name. It features recursive (including externals) tagging and branching etc. DetailsDownload 

145. CVSps 2.1 CVSps is a program for generating 'patchset' information from a CVS repository DetailsDownload 

146. cvsd 0.8b3 cvsd is a configurable chroot/suid wrapper for running a cvs pserver more securely. The hope is that cvsd will allow people to run remotely accessible cvs repositories more securely. CVS is a version control system for managing projects. The... DetailsDownload 

147. DotLisp rc An interactive, Lisp-like language for .Net scripting and development, having deep .Net integration, sharing type system, GC and other runtime services etc., with transparent access to .Net w/o a FFI or wrappers. DetailsDownload 

148. Joost STX processor 0.9.1 Joost is a Java implementation of the Streaming Transformation for XML (STX) language(see DetailsDownload 

149. UUID Namespace Initiative 1.0 This project is committed to establish a de-facto standard for UUID encodings suitable for use as identifiers, library/header file names or parts of it. This avoids any possibility of name clashes in identifiers or file names. Includes appropriate... DetailsDownload 

150. SlickDeploy 1.0 SlickDeploy provides deployment process management for J2EE Applications on IBM WebSphere Application Server through open framework that helps developers and system administration teams standardise and automate tasks. DetailsDownload 

151. OParser (Objective Parser) 1.0 OParser is an object-oriented parser in which both parsers and the results of parsing are in the form of a tree. Rather than generating sloppy and illegible code, this compiler-compiler builds useful and logical objects with a consistent interface. DetailsDownload 

152. Network Enchacements for wxWidgets 1.0 Interfaces for binary data, C++ objects transmission and event distribution across TCP/IP network. DetailsDownload 

153. MangosCI 1.0 Mangos CI is a continuous integration build project. Create an easy to using CI build environment for the Mangos MMO Server. DetailsDownload 

154. InDE - Fast, pragmatic C++ IDE 1.0 InDE is going to be a platform independent C/C++ IDE based on the FOX-Toolkit. It will support managed projects using SCons. We're at planning phase at the moment, feel free to join the InDE-devel mailinglist to get information about the... DetailsDownload 

155. BeyondInstall 1.0 BeyondInstall is a powerful multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers for Java applications on any OS. The tool features rich functions, robust extensibility,beautiful user interface and easy of use. DetailsDownload 

156. MagicGroup 1.3.0 MagicGroup is an Eclipse plugin that permits you to group resources (mainly source files) differently than from the Project Explorer's view. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

157. tmchamp 1.0 ... DetailsDownload 

158. jdog: database object browser 1.0 jdog is a web-based database object browser application with useful, differentiating and advanced features. The differentiating feature is that it helps avoid writing SQLs repetitively for day to day activities of app dev, qa, dba and support... DetailsDownload 

159. Weight Watchers Point Tracker... Pocket PC application to calculate, and keep track of Weight Watcher's points. The program keeps track of your last 7 days worth of points and flex points. DetailsDownload 

160. The ForestMan Forestry Manager 1.0 The project provides integration of GIS and business intelligence for the forestry sector. It will be initially implemented as a web application using Python. Its main goals are: - to provide dataminable archiving of forest management transactions - DetailsDownload 

Software 141-160 of 24,583     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   ...   1230   Next >>   page  

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