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81. AstronomicalAlgorithms 1.0 AstronomicalAlgorithms is a FREE portable ANSI C implementation of some of the algorithms published in Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus (2nd edition, December 1998, Willmann-Bell ISBN 0943396638) DetailsDownload 


82. JOSAST 1.0 JOSAST ( Java Open Source Amateur Satellite Toolkit) is a set of java source code used for amateur satellite, hamradio and also astronomia activities ...Reusable package and complete software should be available. DetailsDownload 

83. Solar Monitor 0.2 The Solar Monitor fetch the plots from NOAA's SWPC. First public release coming soon. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

84. SIDMON 1.0 Stanford University Solar Center Sudden Ionosphere Disturbance (SID) Monitoring Software SIDMON DetailsDownload 

85. Nsatm 1.0 We attempt to provide code to calculate the emergent spectrum of a Hydrogen atmosphere Neutron Star accurate to .01%. DetailsDownload 

86. bashseti 0.2 Script for control of seti program, support multiseti, smp, dial connect, process idle, proxy, work offline, nice, stats. etc... DetailsDownload 

87. Siril 0.8 Siril is an astronomical image processing software for Linux. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

88. OpenFringe Interferogram mirror... Telescope mirror surface error analysis from interferograms. Includes 3D solid model, color Contour plot, quality metrics, and surface profile. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

89. sastrocam (simple astronomy camera)... sastrocam (simple astronomy camera) -- simple camera control for astronomical imaging in Linux. Provides a simple web interface to the camera that will function well for remote control over a low bandwidth link. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

90. Plynet alpha.1.0 Python Planetary Physics Package DetailsDownload 

91. Ground Station Software Suite 0.8.0 The Ground Station Software Suite projects aims at providing free, useful software tools for ham radio operators. Currently, this projects hosts the Grig communication radio control. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

92. AISF 0.1.1 A framework of drivers on which generic astronomical applications can be built. DetailsDownload 

93. OTPlanner 1.0 Java astronomie software DetailsDownload 

94. Simple Gravity Simulator 0.01 Simple Gravity Simulator (SGS) is an educational, open source gravity forces simulator working with many bodies in 2D space. DetailsDownload 

95. Star Files rc Welcome to the StarFiles Homepage! This application is designed to sort FITS star image files taken by professional astronomers at observatories. The application sorts the files by their image type: Bias, Dark, Flat, and Object. The Flat and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

96. BWCloudSensorII 0.9 A c++ user-mode Linux driver for the Boltwood Cloud Sensor II (a weather station designed for astronomers). DetailsDownload 

97. PSRCHIVE Pulsar Data Archival &... PSRCHIVE is an application suite and development library for use in the storage and analysis of pulsar astronomical data. It includes an extensive range of algorithms and tools commonly used in a wide variety of experiments. DetailsDownload 

98. Boddah's Seti Queue 1.1 A bash script that allows Seti @ Home users to queue up and process multiple work units. This means you don't have to connect to the seti servers after every work unit, and only when you want to. DetailsDownload 

99. SETI@BOINCWatch 1.0 A SETI@Home/BOINC client watcher! User statistics powered by BOINCStats. But now built with the .NET environment. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

100. starburst 1.0 N-body program for astrophysical simulations DetailsDownload 

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