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121. cosmic ray database 1.0 An extensive compilation of data from the literature including spectra of elements, isotopes, isotopic ratios, electrons, positrons, antiprotons. Regularly updated with new data, corrections etc. The format is described in detail at the end of the... DetailsDownload 


122. XAudine 2.4 XAudine : Linux control command software,GUI and device drivers for operating Audine astronomy CCD camera. DetailsDownload 

123. Astronomy Calculators 1.0 This is a page for my collection of calculator utilities, which are being updated all the time. I created them with the aim of helping amateur astronomers with the mundane calculations for optics and telescopes, and for conversions. The program... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

124. Hipparcos Catalogue Search Tools 1.0 hsearch is a command-line tool to extract data from the Hipparcos and Tyco astrometry catalogues. DetailsDownload 

125. ApodPy 1.0 ApodPy is a tool to view NASA's astronomy picture of the day. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

126. Nova I.O.E. 0.4 Nova is a free Integrated Observational Environment for amatuer astronomers. It will combine ephemeris functionality with the capability to control telescopes and CCD cameras. DetailsDownload 

127. bc2ld bc2ld is a command line tool to translate molecular database files from BASECOL (obs. of Paris) to LAMDA format (Leiden University). This command line tool has academic use purposes. DetailsDownload 

128. P-Moontool 1.8 P-Moontool shows the phase of the moon on PalmOS devices. DetailsDownload 

129. Foucault Test Image Analyzer 1.2 Calculates the shape of a telescope mirror from a sequence of Foucault test images. Java-based GUI simplifies entering and organizing measurement data. Logging and comparison functions enable quantification of the effects of various figuring strokes. DetailsDownload 

130. Artificial Satellite Tracker 1.0 A system designed to drive a computer motorized telescope mount to track artificial satellites in real time. Additionally, provides video time stamping using GPS via dedicated hardware solution. DetailsDownload 

131. AstroKeeper 1.0 Astronomy helper application with times, log entry system, star information. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

132. JDEread 13 The JAVA library is designed to read any published JPL DE/LE ephemerides and to calculated the position and velocity of the Sun, Moon, eight major planets and Pluto, also the earth nutations and the lunar librations if they are part of the ephemeris. DetailsDownload 

133. SolarJ 0.1 SolarJ is a library of ephemeris routines, plotting routines, and applications for displaying features visible on the sun and planets in the solar system. DetailsDownload 

134. libnuceq 0.4 A library of C codes for computing various nuclear statistical equilibria relevant for nucleosynthesis. DetailsDownload 

135. Astro Info 1.0 Astro Info is a multi-lingual astronomical ephemeris for the PalmOS that provides data for our solar system and other objects. If you wish to get involved, please download a copy of the source code from CVS. DetailsDownload 

136. jTelescope 1.0 Virtual telescope written in Java for mobile phones. Uses CLDC1.1 and MIDP2.0. Tested on mobile phone with 2MB RAM and 60MB storage. The largest catalog uses TYCHO2(2.5M stars) and NGC+ IC(13k DSO) .Sky plotted in dark red. Has desktop version also. DetailsDownload 

137. Bugale N-Body Simulator 1.0 This project simulates the behavior, dynamics, and motion of a group of celestial objects. Given N point masses in a three-dimensional space, its present positions and velocities, and supposing that the force of attraction experienced between... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

138. casper_library_8_2 _8_2 The CASPER library is used to program FPGA systems for high speed digital signal processing for astronomical research. This version uses Xilinx XSG/ISE/EDK 8.2. DetailsDownload 

139. Java Astrodynamics Toolkit (JAT) 1.0 The Java Astrodynamics Toolkit is a library of components to help users create their own application programs to solve problems in astrodynamics, mission design, spacecraft navigation, guidance and control using Java or Matlab. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

140. pyrise 1.0 This Python project creates several interfaces to HiRISE image data: * a wrapper around the ISIS framework for processing HiRISE raw images. Using Python's multiprocessing library, the time from raw data to mosaic has decreased significantly... DetailsDownload 

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