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761. AJC Diff 1.9.0 This program compares two files.Files can be compared as text or binary, a feature unique to AJC Diff.Files can be shown combined or side by side.You can view the full diff, context diff or differences only.You can jump between next or previous... DetailsDownload 


762. Acute Softwares Timer 4.3 Acute Softwares Timer is a simple but highly useful program which records time elapsed in a number of ways on Win95/98/NT/2000/ME. It has three main timing modes: Manual Mode (Acts as a standard stopwatch) Timer Mode (count for a fixed amount of... DetailsDownload 

763. Active ERASER 4.01 Active ERASER utility supports a variety of sanitation standards, from simple methods such as One Pass Zero to the military-grade DoD 5220.22-M, to even more sophisticated methods such as Gutmann's. You can erase files, folders, CD-RW discs,... DetailsDownload 

764. Home Typist 1.40 Home Typist adds typewriter sounds to your computer keyboard. The program is useful for home typists. At every touch of the keyboard there is the new sound, which makes the process of typing more interesting, amuses and reduces stress and helps to... DetailsDownload 

765. Abracadabra Instant Screenshot 1.48 A versatile and easy to use screenshot capture and edit tool.Instantly take and edit screenshots. No need for a separate image editor. Crop, stretch and shrink the image on the fly. The smoothing algorithm produces the best possible output... DetailsDownload 

766. OziPhotoTool 2.7 OziPhotoTool combines the technology of a GPS receiver and a digital camera to automatically keep a record of where digital photos were taken. It is designed to be used in conjunction with OziExplorer. Most digital cameras have EXIF metadata... DetailsDownload 

767. VisualRoute 2008 Lite Edition 12.0d VisualRoute Lite Edition analyzes your Internet connection and identifies where problems occur, determining if slow performance is due to your ISP or a problem on the Internet. The graphical report shows the network route from your computer to... DetailsDownload 

768. SyncPro Backup 2.1 Syncpro synchronizes Folders and Files on the same drive, another drive or across the network. Syncpro works as two way synchronization utility to ensure that files are up to date between drives or computers. You can set up profiles that describe... DetailsDownload 

769. RadiusTest 2.1 RadiusTest is an implementation of the client side of RADIUS - Remote Authentication Dial In User Service. It is a useful tool for testing installations of your RADIUS server. Through RadiusTest you can simulate authentication and accounting... DetailsDownload 

770. Konst Pinger 1.31 Konst Pinger is a program for ping and trace internet host. Ping host that you choice. Show results in graph mode. Change delay time for pinging. Store hosts in a file. Minimized to system tray and background mode ping. DetailsDownload 

771. MultiPing 1.0.1 See the network, pinpoint the problem. MultiPing is an application built for monitoring graphically one or more TCP/IP hosts, while providing detailed historical information about the collection period. Using the proven and powerful PingPlotter... DetailsDownload 

772. VisualPulse 3.0 VisualPulse is a Web-based monitoring tool designed for easy reporting of Internet service availability. VisualPulse enables monitoring of specific websites, servers, and network nodes anywhere over the Internet, corporate Intranet or Extranet,... DetailsDownload 

773. HiPing HiPing useful in testing and debugging TCP/IP troubles. It sends out a packet and expects a specified host(s) to respond back in a specified time frame. HiPing supports command line parameters, HTML file format reports. DetailsDownload 

Software 761-773 of 773     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   ...   31   32   33   34   35   36   37   38   39   page  

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