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101. MySQL IP accounting logger daemon 1.0 This Daemon written in Perl, logs FreeBSD ipfw ip accounting counters every X seconds/minutes, so after rebooting, crashing, flushing, zero out your ipfirewall table, you don't loose any mayor traffic information. DetailsDownload 


102. m0n0wall-CMI 1.0.rc5 Monowall-CMI is an Opensource Central Management Interface for m0n0wall devices. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

103. TCP-Switch 0.5.1 TCP-Switch currently allows sharing one port for four protocols (SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, passive FTP).Each protocol can be forwarded (tunnel) to a different <host:port>.Future releases will allow much more controll, e.g. client IP/port, and other... DetailsDownload 

104. yxorp 2.33 yxorp is a reverse proxy and application level firewall for the HTTP protocol. It can do all kinds of checks on HTTP traffic, and is highly configurable. It also has other functions that are useful for a web frontend, like load balancing. DetailsDownload 

105. Valkyrja Php Firewall Admin 0.3alpha Valkyrja (Php Firewall front-end) is a web-based tool to administrate a linux firewall based on iptables. Valkyrja is modular, everyone can write a component for it. As Soon as possible: squid manage, NAT manage DetailsDownload - Screenshot

106. OpenTrust-PAM 1.0 Web reverse proxy for Single Sign On (SSO). It can apply a security policy (profiles stored in a LDAP directory) to an existing set of applications, consolidate websites, encrypt all communications, rewrite simple URLs... DetailsDownload 

107. Turtle Firewall 1.0 A firewall configuration project based on Linux 2.6.x and iptables. It has a web interface with an intuitive Webmin module, or you can edit a XML file. You can define the different firewall elements (zones, hosts, networks) and then set the services DetailsDownload - Screenshot

108. Visual Firewall Monitor 1.0 Visual Firewall Monitor is a linux kernel module that monitor new connections coming in/out linux box then notify user of them. When user receive connection's informations, they will use an user-space interface to control the module to accept... DetailsDownload 

109. Banjar 0.8.1 Web-based bandwidth management tools based on tc and iptables for internet cafe or small to medium network administrators. DetailsDownload 

110. HLBR - Hogwash Light BR 0.2.4 HLBR is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) that can filter packets in the OSI layer 2. Detection of malicious traffic is done by rules. It can even be used as bridge to honeypots. The HLBR is a firewall element and can use regular expressions. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

111. ipblkd - IP Blocking Daemon 1.0 IP Blocking Daemon based on nfblockd and moblock that merges the best of both with changes as well. The major change is to logging. ipblkd will log source and destination IP as well as ports and protocol. DetailsDownload 

112. Firewall/SOSDG 1.0 Firewall/SOSDG is a Linux Netfilter firewall designed to be simple and effective. Features include NAT support, port forwarding, basic routing/forwarding of packets, and ipv6 firewalling support. DetailsDownload 

113. The Iptables Script Maker 0.1b IPSM is The Iptables Script Maker, a simple tool that helps users creating simple but complete IPtables based firewalls. DetailsDownload 

114. IP-Updater 3.5 IP-Updater is a Perl-Script to manage dynamic IP-adresses (DynDNS). It reads the IP via Telnet from the Router (Zyxel, Netgear) or get it from the web. Different updates to Dyn-IP-Services or FTP-Upload to a hompage are possible. With logging. DetailsDownload 

115. ARP AntiSpoofer 64.. A utility for detecting and resisting BIDIRECTIONAL ARP spoofing. It can anti-spoof for not only the local host, but also other hosts in the same subnet. It is as well a handy helper for gateways which don't work well with ARP. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

116. ULOG iptop 1.0 Network tool for monitoring IPv4 activity. Iptraf, tcpdump, trafshow have not such ability. Gives sorted traffic load speed on each IP. Helps detect the channel overload and maybe sources of attacks. Requeres ULOG target of iptables. DetailsDownload 

117. iptablesrc 1.0 Complex of software:Usability web-interface for visual configurftion of Linux/iptables.Web-server written on JAVA in one jar fileshell scripts for apply your configuration to iptableswritten on BASH scripting DetailsDownload 

118. IPFIRE: easy to use IPv4 packet... IPFIRE-wall is a framework that implements a network firewall. It can be used in desktop systems and in simple network configurations, providing a friendly graphical interface and a simple installation procedure. Also unprivileged users can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

119. edir_helper 1.0 This is a squid external authentication helper to facilitate SSO, single sign on, with Novell's eDirectory. It's written in mono and uses LDAP to access the information stored in eDirectory. DetailsDownload 

120. Squidmin-Administration tool for... This is a program in script shell to manage user accounts, groups, rules and parameters for Squid Proxy. This application was developed to help new system administrators providing an easier and faster way to do this job. DetailsDownload 

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