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1. TSplus App 2.0 Just like TSplus software, the TSplus App provides fast and stable remote connections from tablets and smartphones, to Windows desktops and business applications. It is designed on the same principles of security, simplicity and reliability - only... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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2. TSplus 11.30 TSplus is the most simple and affordable alternative to Citrix for Remote Desktop Connections, Application Publishing, Client Generation and much more. Connect to your Remote Desktop with any Windows system, from any device, and with any browser.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: windows xp , html5 , windows 7 , SBS , Rdp Server , tse , citrix , Remoteapp , remote access , universal printer

3. ProVide 12.0 Great business solutions improve your day Rest easy with effortless and secure file access for users and teams. ProVide is the answer for intuitively managing secure access to files inside your organization and across organizational boundaries.... DetailsDownload 

Tags: Secure Cloud , ipv6 , http , https , sftp , ftp , ftps , tftp , Active Directory Integration , ad

4. WMS Log Storage 6.4 WMS Log Storage is a feature rich Windows Media Services or Adobe Flash Media Server log file analyzer. The program generates HTML-based reports with tables and charts. Highly detailed and easily configurable reports output to screen, file... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: log analyzer , Windows Media Services Analyzer , windows media services , Windows Media Services Log

5. Net Time Server & Client The Net Time Server & Client application allows you to synchronize your PC's system clock or all PC's system clock in your LAN using various time server types commonly available on TCP/IP networks, including LAN and Internet, and multiple time... DetailsDownload 

Tags: synchronize , clock , time , net , internet , lan , sntp , rfc , server , ntp

6. zFTPServer Suite 11.3 zFTPServer is a multi threaded Windows file server. Although being extremely simple to use, there exists an advanced configurations mode which should satisfy every need. Also, extensions are available that makes this into a full-fledged... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Secure Cloud , ipv6 , http , https , sftp , ftp , ftps , tftp , Active Directory Integration , ad

7. Admin Reporting Kit for Exchange... ARK for Exchange Server (ARKES) is an Exchange Server Management and Reporting solution that addresses the critical functions of auditing and reporting Exchange objects' configuration settings, usage and security, and server configuration. Our... DetailsDownload 

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8. RDS Knight 1.4 RDS-Knight is the optimal solution to detect cyber threats, defend RDS servers and develop remote desktop systems' security. Cyber criminals know you use Remote Desktops. And you need to know your Remote Desktop vulnerabilities to mitigate your... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Rds Server Security , Rds Secured , Rdp Threats , Brute Force Attacks , Server Management , Cyber Security , Cyber Criminal , hackers , terminal service , remote desktop

9. Web Log Explorer 8.6 The Web Log Explorer is a powerful log analyzer generates reports of any kind and displays them. The system of filters provides the ability to carry out deep analysis of visitor activity. It gives you activity statistics, file access statistics,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: log analyzer , web log analyzer , Iis Log Analyzer , apache Log Analyzer , Web Analysis , log file , Web Statistic

10. Crib Sheet 1.05.13 Crib Sheet is a server application for companies where operators at workstations need fast access to stock texts or graphics. For example... Where medical staff need to paste stock texts into Meditech software. Where tele-sales staff need to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: clipboard , meditech , helpdesk , call center , call centre

11. RDS Print 1.1 The easiest Remote Desktop Printing solution.Print from your remote desktop session directly to your own printer(s). RDS Print is a driverless remote printing solution, RDS Print, does not require any printer driver on the server, it just works... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: RDS Print , remote printing , rdp , Rds

12. PDF Automation Server for Linux 2016R1 PDF Automation Server is a modular server product that provides a rich set of PDF processing functions for different environments. Use PAS as an essential tool to streamline your PDF processing, document workflows and web service orchestration in... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: pdf , server , rest , restful

13. Unitrends Free vmWare and Hyper-V... Unitrends Free is the first free backup solution specifically designed for IT professionals seeking protection for home labs, early-stage virtualization projects and small environments. The powerful software delivers true production-ready... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: backup , recovery , software , disaster recovery , vmware , hyper v , vsphere

14. MobaSSH 1.60 MobaSSH is a free SSH server for Windows, compatible with any ssh client (OpenSSH client, Putty, ...). Windows version supported : 2000, XP, Sever 2003, Server 2008, Vista, Seven and Widows 8 and 10 MobaSSH comes with an easy to use installer and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: free , ssh , sshd , server , sftp , scp , windows , win32 , Putty , openssh

15. Reporting and Monitoring for RDP 1.2 RDS Tools Reporting & Monitoring for RDP gives you facts and data about your server usage (CPU, Memory, I/O, Disks), applications usage and users on Remote Desktop Services. RDS Tools Reporting & Monitoring for RDP is the easiest... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: reporting , rdp , monitoring , Rds

16. Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox 2.2.8 Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox easily repairs corrupted *.ncf files, created by Lotus Notes so you may get your data back after the damage, caused by any reason and this approach does not imply the usage of backup copies. It is not really needed... DetailsDownload 

Tags: nsf repair , repair nsf , lotus notes repair , repair lotus notes , lotus repair , repair lotus

17. Exchange Server Repair Toolbox 2.1.6 Exchange Server Repair Toolbox is the leading and best Exchange 2003 EDB repair tool on the market today and it has been developed from the ground up with user friendliness in mind. It provides a simple and user-friendly, step-by-step restore... DetailsDownload 

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18. AttackTracer 1.24 If your Windows server is reachable from the internet and you want certain services like remote desktop, FTP transfers or SQL-Server to be accessible from outside then attacking attempts on your server will definitely be made. Numerous automated... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: scan , events , Intrusion , alert

19. OptimalWeb 1.20 OptimalWeb allows you to access your PC or your RDS/TSE server to open your Desktop from anywhere in the world,using the device of your preference. OptimalWeb is a clientless remote desktop solution. We call it clientless because no plugins or... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: html5 , rdp , Rds , tse , remote

20. Happytime RTSP Server 1.0 Happytime RTSP Server is a complete RTSP server application. It can stream audio and video files in various formats (which must be stored in the current working directory - i.e., the directory from which you launch the application - or a... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Rtsp Server , source code

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