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21. Unreal Fortress Evolution 1.0 Unreal game modification about the popular "Fortress" series targetting Unreal 2K4 (Unreal Engine 2 and soon 3) DetailsDownload 


22. Ubot. Bots for Quake3 like Games 1.0 Ubot. A Bot Library for Quake3 like games. Keywords : AI, artificial intelligence, bot, ubot, robot, quake, quake3, 3D, game, waypoint, FPS, first, person, shooters. DetailsDownload 

23. Project R.A.N.D 1.0 An upcoming singleplayer Action FPS set in a futuristic world. DetailsDownload 

24. SourceMod Projects 1.0 This is a place for all of my sourcemod plugins code. DetailsDownload 

25. CornCobmod 1.0 Quake 3 engine modification based on icculus (ioquake3) released under the GPL license agreement. DetailsDownload 

26. ArmA Scripting Environment beta.1 A application environment for logging game-scripts or controlling AI or mission progress in the computer game Armed Assault by Bohemia Interactive. DetailsDownload 

27. Football Club Manager 1.0 Become a manager of your favourite football club! DetailsDownload 

28. Customizable Pong 1.0 Pong is back in an another clone! Now in a customizable game where you can configure the size or the speed of the objects as you want. Also includes a smash function. Coded in Python and PyGame. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

29. PyBowling 1 PyBowling is a bowling game written in Python. DetailsDownload 

30. hCube 1.0 hCube is a Multiplayer-only 3D Shooter with a revolutionary new gameplay.It is written in C++, using libSDL, libSDL_net and libSDL_image and uses OpenGL for graphics. DetailsDownload 

31. Zhovort 1.0 Zhovort is a networked leet-oriented first person shooter. The player drives an hovercraft on a heightmap-based terrain and must hunt and destroy the others players. DetailsDownload 

32. WMC Engine 1.0 The WMC Engine is a C++ 3D game engine, based on the WildMagic game library. It will be expanded to feature LUA scripting, networking, audio, AI, a world editor, and terrain generator. The WMC Engine is not endorsed Dave Eberly. DetailsDownload 

33. VampireSlayerSimpleGameEngine 1.0 VampireSlayerSimpleGameEngine (aka vssge) is a very simple game engine written in C++. New stuff comes soon. DetailsDownload 

34. Solis Nova 1.0 Solis Nova is a Open Source game that focuses on Ground, Space and Combined arms Combat. DetailsDownload 

35. COD4 Web RCON 1.0 PHP based web administration panel for Call of Duty 4 (PC), using the built in remote console 'rcon'. With a dynamic user interface. Providing full game, player and PunkBuster administration for your server. DetailsDownload 

36. Trippin 1.0 19050 - Games Development Group Project. The game is the group project for a TAFE NSW Diploma. DetailsDownload 

37. trektrick 1.0 Online height map for klm/waypoint data DetailsDownload 

38. Niobium Game engine And NeoGenesis... An FPS and game engine project, the goal is to make an absorbing single player fps, since all the other free first person shooters are multi-player and have almost no story line. DetailsDownload 

39. Forte game development toolkit 1.0 A fps framework that reads xml based configuration files to display a 3d opengl based shooter. DetailsDownload 

40. CubedCS - CS-clone 1.0 CubedCS will be a free and open CS-clone for Windows and Linux written in OS indepentend language. It's based on the cube engine. ---> The project has been changed to 'Police Forces'!!!!<---- DetailsDownload 

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