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41. Cerberus FPS Game 1.0 Cerberus is a First Person Shooter Game that incorporates machine learning techniques. The game utilizes Neural Networks to control fighting behavior and Reinforcement Learning to select high level tactics. DetailsDownload 


42. hlsc 1.0 HLSC checks halflife server for a valid league setup. it checks cvars and plugins for halflife 1 and halflife source servers. following league rules are included: ESL, Clanbase, Giga Liga. Other leagues and rules can be easily added! DetailsDownload 

43. UTSQ - Unreal Tournament Server Query... UTSQ is a Java command line tool for logging UT player's online performance over time. It queries an UT server for player's current frags, kills, deaths, ping, team and calculates FPH, efficiency and Rank and illustrates the first 3 as... DetailsDownload 

44. Radial 3D engine 05 Radial 3D engine is a new engine based on my OK 3D engine. It has a compiler, bump/spec, lights, anims, particles etc. Hidden is virtual render path based on code of Brad Blanchard. For latest source or questions mail me ( DetailsDownload 

45. Conflict-Resolved 1.0 This is a First person shooter based on the low polygon rendering engine cube.The altimate aim of this project is to devlope a Counter Strike like FPS LAN game.[Soon will be updated] DetailsDownload 

46. Battle Just Started 0.1.3 Arcade tank battle in 3D. With multiplayer network support. DetailsDownload 

47. tankgame 1.0 Cross-platform Multiplayer First Person Shooting 3D Tank Game with OpenGL and OpenAL. DetailsDownload 

48. Open octane 1.0 Community made vehicle game using Blender game engine, Bullet physics, and Python. Content and code made by community can be recycled into other games thanks to the Creative commons and GPL license. DetailsDownload 

49. Open Meta Game 1.0 A game whose architecture is intended to be modifiable, extensible, and customizable regardless of your level of programming skill. Some features include: a 3D environment, networking capability, extensible architecture. DetailsDownload 

50. ingram chillin' mod 1.0.rc3 icm is an open-source half-life modification /edit: Steam sucks. i try to find another way /edit: Steam still sucks but 10 years later i'd like to release a final version DetailsDownload 

51. TeamSwitch 0.98 TeamSwitch is a perl script connecting an America's Army Operations (AAO) game server to a TeamSpeak (TS) server. TeamSwitch moves players on the right TS channel, according to the AAO team they belong and their status (live/dead). DetailsDownload 

52. ZiggyWarGame3D 2 3d FPS (first person shooter) war game. Direct3d windows game online networking still in alpha phase. DetailsDownload 

53. MVDsv 386 MVDSV (MultiView Demo Server) - most popular QuakeWorld Server in the world with it's ability to record every player's point of view in a server side demo. Includes: mvdsv, qwdtools (demo tools), qwdplayer (client - removed, use... DetailsDownload 

54. 2 slowa do ojca dyr 1.0 Game was show at demoscene party We-Can 2012. Game is in polish language, menu and other stuff is in English. DetailsDownload 

55. combat bots 1.0 This is an Open Source game based on drumo's design and concept art which is developed by Reddit community. If you don't use Reddit, you are still more then welcome to use it. DetailsDownload 

56. IEM_IT_2008_Gamedge 1.0 Gamedge is a Knowledge based game which deals with the basic knowledge of science and will be entertaining as well as it will be helpful in exercising the practical aspects of theoretical knowledge.agenda. DetailsDownload 

57. Open Billiards 1.0 Open Billiards is Open-Source multi-platform 2D billiards game, with game 8 ball, 8 ball and snooker. DetailsDownload 

58. HockeyGame 1.0 A cross-platform hockey game based upon NHL 94 with updated graphics and features while maintaining the award-winning gameplay. DetailsDownload 

59. Q3-Geoball 1.0 This is Q3-Geoball actually a Quake 3 Arena MOD DetailsDownload 

60. Operation City 21 21 Operation City 21 is a full Half-Life 2 conversion mod, about Adrian Shephard's travels in the new world ruled by the Combine. The game takes place during the timeline of Episode Two in City 21, another Eastern European city near City 17. DetailsDownload 

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