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61. hlstatsx reforked 1.0 Real-time stats and ranking for Half-Life2. Hlstats uses a perl demon to parse the logs from hl2. The data is stored in a mysql Database and has a php fronted. DetailsDownload 


62. artec 1.0 The artec::engine is a open-source high-level API for Irrlicht and various other engines (e.g. newton). Its the base for Project Atropine, a first person shooter also developed by artec but it should also provide a solid base for other game projects. DetailsDownload 

63. Quarantine: The Apocalypse 1.0 Quarantine: The Apocalypse is a free zombie survival game set in the year 2008 currently in development; which offers great user interactivity, team co-ordination and tactics in order to survive the incoming zombie onslaught. DetailsDownload 

64. Forest Dead:Survive If they let you. 1.0 A survival horror game prginal planed on Elysium game engine.I would like to use a FPS engine and make it a MMOFPS DetailsDownload 

65. ADaPT Game Project 1.0 A game development project by and for the members of the Atomic Maximum Power Computing ADaPT project. DetailsDownload 

66. DCGenerator 1.0 DCGenerator or DCGen is a port of the Sega Genesis emulator, Generator, to the Sega Dreamcast. DetailsDownload 

67. NADC - Not Another Doom Clone 32 NADC (Not Another DooM Clone) is an Open-Source First-Person shooter engine, with basic content included. Developement is incremental. DetailsDownload 

68. Tournament Suite 1.0 A library and subsequent program to control tournaments with ease. Others can add new types of games, create their own tournaments, and create their own match generation algorithms. This project was initially created for use in robotic tournaments... DetailsDownload 

69. TeamRoster 1.0 ImpressCMS Module for creating and tracking your teams roster, game schedule and games. The module is written to support REST web services and support an android mobile application that uses the hosted module for team roster. DetailsDownload 

70. Taimen 1.0 The project was started in 2010 and its not sure that will it be ever released as fully-functioning game. Taimen comes from a finnish word meaning "Trout". Taimen uses a Blender Game engine as basis. DetailsDownload 

71. Mido FPS 1.0 This project first FPS my game. The game c uses a programming language. In two divisible, the essence of which: run about and be shooting! Somebody else was the name of the game first (accurate The Brain), from this MidoFPS was later. DetailsDownload 

72. Game Ammo 1.0 3D Game Engine. Built for learning purposes. DetailsDownload 

73. Codename Forge 1.0 Its a simple fps game for Android (800x480). The game is inspired by Halo and Crysis. So the player have a Suit and GUI that would be recognized by people who have played Halo before. DetailsDownload 

74. BetaStrike - Open-Source Half-Life... BetaStrike will, as the name implies, revert to the old beta's of Counter-Strike. This is a modification of Half-Life, a well known online 3Dshoot-em-up game. DetailsDownload 


76. Vavoom 1.32 Vavoom is Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife source port. It features software, OpenGL and Direct3D rendering, VavoomC scripting language, slopes, 3D-floors, Quake style lighting engine, pure client/server architecture with in-game joining and a lots more. DetailsDownload 

77. Star Cricket Live 1.0 Watch Star Cricket Live, Star Cricket Online, Star Cricket Streaming, You can watch india vs sri lanka, india vs pakistan, pakistan vs australia, pakistan vs south africa, Cricket T20 world cup 2012 DetailsDownload - Screenshot

78. X-Gine 1.0 X-Gine ist eine OpenGL basierte 3D Engine geschrieben in C++.Sie ist programmiert fr Linux/Unix, MacOS X mit XFree86 Installiert. DetailsDownload 

79. Doomocop 1.0 This is the old version of the AutoDoom project and is discontinued. Please look at my "autodoom" project, also on sourceforge. DetailsDownload 

80. Combine Wars 1.0 Combine Wars is a team-based multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2. In action-packed, strategic gameplay, competing Combine factions must gain control of power sources to out-produce each other and ultimately destroy their opponents. DetailsDownload 

Software 61-80 of 1,994     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   ...   100   Next >>   page  

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