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121. Master Project FPS 1.0 Master Project - project of MMO-FPS game. It uses TrueVision3D engine for 3D render. Made in VB NET DetailsDownload 


122. modBot.FPS 32.beta2 A moderator bot designed for use with any FPS multiplayer game that supports the RCON interface. All extended functionality is implemented with LUA scripts, allowing for easy end user modifications and additions. DetailsDownload 

123. UShock Unreal Level Viewer 1.0 UShock is an Unreal viewer or all Unreal game series levels - reading the binary Unreal package format (tested on Unreal1, UT99, WOT, Unreal2, UT2003/4). I wrote this program to understand whats going on inside Unreal engine technology. DetailsDownload 

124. SystemPsuedo 1.0 Set of helper classes to generate random scenes, objects, textures for use in Xith3D projects.NB: this project is in no way affiliated with Xith3D or its creators other than that is the target 3D environment. DetailsDownload 

125. Simerge 1.0 Simerge is a space simulation project of mixed genre containing ego perspective elements. The gameplay is oriented on trade, build and fight. DetailsDownload 

126. Pulse3D 1.0 Pulse3D is a C++ based 3DGameEngine. It is a cross platform project that will be able to run on Windows/Linux, with both DirectX/OpenGL at the base of the rendering subsystem.Its a hobby project, with the main motivation being to learn. DetailsDownload 

127. Lava Soldiers 1.0 This is an Half-Life 2 MOD where you will know how American Gladiators feel. You'll have moments of fun with this MOD, trying to throw down your opponents to a lava pit with hilarious "weapons". DetailsDownload 

128. Clan War Project 1.0 This is a Clan War Manger system, the first part of it is a War overview so you can keep track of your stats on a map and etc. Next part will be a calender so you can plan Wars whit other teams. Codet in PHP amd MYSQL DetailsDownload 

129. Overlord Online 1.0 Overlord Online is an online FPS that uses a modified Quake III engine which has recently been GPLed. Overlord Online will be a port/conversion/overhaul of the D-Day:Normandy game that used the Quake II engine. DetailsDownload 

130. Project: TOPDOWN 131 Project: TOPDOWN is an open-source top-down shooter engine, made with Game Maker 6.1 Registered Edition ( It is completely open-source, and handled by us, The TOPDOWN Society. You MUST be registered to GM6.1 to utilize TOPDOWN. DetailsDownload 

131. HeldenStats rc.1.4 HeldenStats transforms the logfiles of the game CounterStrike into a detailled statistic. Every Player is presented with its kills, deaths, weapons he used and many more features. The Output are HTML pages, which can be shown to the whole world... DetailsDownload 

132. Halflife Admin Mod 2.50.59 A plugin mod for halflife that works with most other mods and provides a high grainularity of user access to rcon commands. DetailsDownload 

133. urtray 1.0 urtray is a gnome panel application (applet) that lets you monitor servers, autojoin on free slots, get notifications when friends are connected and do some rcon. DetailsDownload 

134. Volitio 1.0 Volitio is a multiplayer medieval fantasy game. Players will be able to choose their class (archer, warrior, darkmage, whitemage). Supported game types will include: DM, TDM, CTF and Duell. DetailsDownload 

135. Quake 3 Engine 1.0 Quake3 Engine Project - This is a project to take over development of the recently-released Quake3 Engine for gaming. This project has two goals: To produce a bug-free Q3 version, and to have another version with new features plus the bugfixes. DetailsDownload 

136. PyQuake3 3 Write Quake 3 engine games in Python. DetailsDownload 

137. ET-FLF 1.0 ET-FLF is a remake of a now dead HL mod, remade on the totally free Wolf ET engine. It aims to be a blend of fast paced action with teamplay and semi-realistic weapons. DetailsDownload 

138. Codename Bloodline 1.0 Right now we\'re in a stepping stone stage. We\'re ditching all the Quake 2 code, so we\'re drafting some new specs. For all those that are wondering when it\'s going to be done, just remeber the famous J. Carmack line. \"When... DetailsDownload 

139. Antidotemod 1.0 Resident evil: AntidoteModification based on Source engine (Base SDK) DetailsDownload 

140. RealityStrike 3D and Game Engine 32 Portable game engine intended for game development.Include portable 3D-engine for at least DirectX and OpenGL, physics and sound simulation engines, and scripting engine for AI. DetailsDownload 

Software 121-140 of 2,163     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   ...   109   Next >>   page  

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