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61. TQCdRipCompress 1.0 TQCdRipCompress is a Python application with a Web-Base GUI Interface to rip Audio Tracks from CD and encode them. It uses the matroska container format. DetailsDownload 


62. MP3 Editor Pro 4.2.5 MP3 Editor Pro is designed with a powerful sound recording feature, enabling you to capture audio from almost any sound sources like musical instruments, human voices, online streaming audio, line-in, cassette tapes, LP and tons more. The... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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63. RhythmBox 0.8.5 RhythmBox is an MP3/OGG player for Linux and the GNOME desktop. It features easy playlist edition, CD-ripping, MP3 walkman support, Audio CD burning and internet radio playback. Its interface is strongly based on Apple's iTunes. DetailsDownload 

64. oggtear 0.2.1 A modified version of TEAR ( to enable you to encode audio tracks in the ogg format. DetailsDownload 

65. musicrename 1.0 Parse MP3 and Ogg files for their ID tags and rename them based on the information found in the tag. Its not only possible to rename files, but also move them to other directories - so use it for a complete restructuring of your collection. DetailsDownload 

66. Krabber for KDE3 3 krabber is a mp3 ripping frontend for kde1, similar to AudioCatalyst on windows. krabber3 will be its port to kde3. DetailsDownload 

67. OggCarton 1.0beta OggCarton is a cross-platform CD ripper, database, and web server for Ogg and MP3 files. Needs no external database or web server! Linux and Windows require Java 1.4.1 (or later) installed. Java is included with Mac OS X. DetailsDownload 

68. iTunesLibraryAdd 1.0 A simple command line tool for adding music files and (optionally) artwork to your iTunes library. It is intended to be used with a non-iTunes CD ripping program to automate the process of updating the iTunes database with the new tracks and artwork. DetailsDownload 

69. gtkrip 1.0 gtkrip is a simple frontend for cdparanoia, oggenc, flac and cdrecord. The goal is to reduce the nr of options, and make it simple. It is written in pure C (no C++).gtkrip should be launched from a term so u can see the messages (saves mem) DetailsDownload 

70. The Ehizo Project --- Communication... data &amp; video-conferencing, one shared whiteboard, send text messages (IM), transfer files(FTP),collaborate in real time,email capablities,Plays and stores dvd,cd and Mp3. Web-based Internet directory,Remote Desktop Share,File sharing... DetailsDownload 

71. DCue 86 DCue is a command line tool for automatically generating audio cue sheets (.cue files) using the massive release database from to find artist names, track titles, durations and other information via the Discogs API. DCue is equally... DetailsDownload 

72. Enflame 1.0 Enflame: A fast yet powerful CD Burning application written in the C programming language that is based on the EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) and makes use of cdrecord. With possible future use of Libburn when it becomes a more mature... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

73. The One Ripper 0.96.1 An MP3/OGG ripper &amp; encoder front end for console, gnome, kde &amp; x that is designed to make it easy to move your music collection onto your computer.Supports cddb, id3v1, id3v2, background encoding, encoder queue management,... DetailsDownload 

74. Jencode 2b15 Jencode is a complete system to create/store/distribute/manage your mp3 library.It encodes files using cdparanoia &amp; lame, and displays your collection via a php website. Clients can automatically transfer files to a central server. Written... DetailsDownload 

75. MyBashBurn 1.0.2 A frontend with dialog box that draws (using ncurses) windows onto the screen and can burn data cds, music cds, supports burning DVD-images and data DVDs, support of ripping/encoding of all popular formats DetailsDownload - Screenshot

76. out_lame 164 Winamp MP3 output plugin based on LAME. Now you can encode your MP3 files directly from Winamp. DetailsDownload 

77. RIPPON! 0.08 RIPPON! is a CD ripping/encoding/tagging program, designed to be used independently of things like X and CDDB. DetailsDownload 

78. Rat Rip 1.0 Rat Rip is a CD audio ripper / OggVorbis Encoder designed to record to ogg right from the CD using the CDDB for id3 tagging. Console and Tk versions available. DetailsDownload 

79. iTagX 1.0 iTagX is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of common audio formats. DetailsDownload 

80. Mercury-CD ROM authoring 0.2.0 Mercury - CD Authoring\'is yet another Gui Frontend for CD-Burning Tools The suppose is to create a easy to use Frontend with full drag'N'drop support. Authoring of VCD's, CDDA'd DataCD's DetailsDownload 

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