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1. SquareWords 1.0.68 If you like word games and crossword puzzles, you will love SquareWords. SquareWords is an online crossword battle between two players. The object of SquareWords is to form words on a board, while trying to foil the game of the opponent. The... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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2. Clip Reader 1.0 Amazing program reads text aloud instantly from the clipboard just by selecting it. Great for reading email, online news, reviewing, documents, cram for exams and tests with repeat option. Choose from different voice styles, male or female voice.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Text Reader , read aloud , speak , speak Text , read Text Aloud , speak Text Aloud

3. Aros Magic Twist 1.0 Aros Magic Twist is a simple word guessing game. A number of letters is shown on the top panel. You enter all the words you can think of that use each letter exactly once, in a limited amount of time. You can download dictionaries in many... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Aros Magic Twist , anagrams , word puzzle

4. Lines-7 1.0 The program Lines-7 offers you the following possibilities: * Play to more than 45 levels of difficulty: from very easy for children to very hard; * Widely change appearance of game window: change: "skin", background and ink colors,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: color lines

5. Woolies Adventure 1.0 Unwind with great games such as Woolies Adventure, one of the many great games that you can find on homepage Casual games provide a great opportunity to unwind, allowing you to play games when you don't have an enormous amount of time or you don't... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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6. General Quiz SGF 1.0 See if you can solve the enigmatic quiz in this intriguing trivia game. This quiz contains various challenging questions that are all about various general areas. You will need to progress through the game and answer all of the questions correctly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Impossible Quiz , quiz , quizzes , trivia , Quizz

7. Hangman States for Windows 1.0.0 Hangman States is a new take on the classic hangman word guessing game we all played when we were kids. It's the easiest way to learn about all 50 US States. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, State pictures and much... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: hangman , geography , games , educational software , teachers , spelling , word games , elementary school , k12 , K 12

8. Matchmaker: Joining Hearts 1.0 Help lonely hearts find a perfect match and bring romance into their lives, in the exciting hidden object game Matchmaker: Joining Hearts! Use your powers of observation to spot the hidden objects and decide who will be the ideal partner for each... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Hidden Objects , kids , family , Casual Games , logic , Matchmaker , Joining Hearts

9. Villa Banana 1.0.0 Welcome to the tropical paradise of Villa Banana! Work your way through adorable puzzle levels with tons of juicy fruits in the sunny island setting! Design your own villa on the seashore in the engaging puzzle game. Earn lots of gold and silver... DetailsDownload 

Tags: puzzle , Match 3 , villa , seashore , bananas , fruits , summer

10. CompliCat Mah Jong 1.0 CompliCat MahJong is a solitaire version of the Chinese mahjong game. The traditional tiles and symbols were replaced with beautiful images with Cats, Animals, Flowers, Birds, Fruits&Vegetables. The demo version tileset is a mix between the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: mahjong , mah , jong , mahjongg , Jongg , complicat , cat , cats , solitaire , animals

11. Wasp Solitaire 5 Wasp Solitaire is a variation of Scorpion Solitaire that also lends its roots to Spider Solitaire. Just like in either game beat wasp solitaire by eliminating all cards from the table. To do this, build stacks of cards in descending order of the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: solitaire , klondike , freecell , spider solitaire , yukon solitaire , Scorpion Solitaire , Wasp Solitaire , cards , suits , foundations

12. Christmas Wreath Mahjong Solitaire 1.0 It's Christmas every day with Christmas Wreath Mahjong Solitaire. This online mahjong solitaire is a tile matching puzzle game with seasonal holiday cheer. Beat it by clicking on matching pairs of tiles to remove them from the mahjong tile board.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: mahjong , mahjong Solitaire , Online Mahjong , mah jongg , Mah jong , Online Mahjong Solitaire , Bamboo , dots , Character Tiles , seasons

13. World War 2 Quiz SGF 1.0 See if you can solve the entangled quiz in this interesting trivia game. This quiz contains various challenging questions that are all about the second World War. You will need to progress through the game and answer all of the questions correctly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Impossible Quiz , quiz , quizzes , trivia , Quizz , World War 2

14. Gift Quest: Valentine's Day 1.14 The ultimate gift matching adventure! Valentine's Day Design! 4 engaging game modes, 40 unique adventure quest levels! DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: free game , freeware , puzzle game , match3 , match game , addicting game , swapper , gift quest

15. Sky Magic 1.0.3 Sky Magic fell asleep centuries ago and perpetual autumn reigns over sky islands. Make a travelling by islands through the magic gates system and return magic to this world.<BR>Sky Magic is a new simple and fascinating brain-twister. Its... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: game , casual game , puzzle , puzzle game , origianl , match 3 , Match Three , sky magic , magic , flying islands

16. Halloween Diamond Mahjong 1.0 Halloween is a fun and festive time. Diamond Mahjong solitaire is a fun puzzle game based on the tiles of the game Mah-Jong, or Mah-Jongg created over a thousand years ago under the rule of the Great King Wu of China. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: mahjong , Halloween Mahjong , mahjongg , Mahjong Puzzle Game , puzzle games

17. chewdoku 2.05f Chewdoku chewdoku sudoku Sudoku solve make generate compile hardest easy difficulty simple advanced very numbers download free game puzzle methods challenge solutions symmetry unique answers save print blank grid possibles calculate squares rows... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: sudoku killer make solve logic

18. Sailboat Mah Jongg 1.0 Come sail away with Sailboat Mah Jongg. Imagine the warm breeze and sound of the water lapping against the sailboat as you play this popular tile matching mah jongg game. Mah Jongg is easy and fun to play. Just select open matching tiles to remove... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: mahjongg , mah jongg , mahjongg solitaire , solitaire , mahjongg Tiles , puzzle games , board games , Strategy Games , free games , online games

19. PC Sudoku PC Sudoku is one of the most amazing, challenging, intriguing, and entertaining puzzles to sweep the world in decades. It has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guess. Fill digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: sudoku , su do ku , Sudoku Game , Windows Game , puzzle game , games

20. Zipper Mahjong Solitaire 1 Suit up with Zipper Mahjong Solitaire. Play the most fashionable puzzle game on the internet today by matching mahjong tiles to make them disappear. Win this board game by eliminating all tiles, and you'll create a new record that you can complete... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: mahjong , mahjong Solitaire , solitaire , puzzle games , board games , Strategy Games , mah jong , mah jongg , Mah jong , Bamboo

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