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141. Rebol Programming For Absolute... This tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to accomplish real world programming goals with Rebol. The text aims to teach average users to program computers to do useful things, without the long and difficult learning curve imposed by other languages. DetailsDownload 


142. TaskMonkey! 1.0 Clean ToDo list, which shows todays tasks and gives you a peek on upcoming stuff. DetailsDownload 

143. School To-Do Listing pys60 60 Program which will store information on courses and will store a listing on assigments, tests, exams etc. that are due or coming up etc. DetailsDownload 

144. Mindquarry 1.0 Mindquarry is a collaborative software platform for file sharing, task and project management, team collaboration and Wiki editing that meshes simplicity and functionality. DetailsDownload 

145. Check Off 1.0 Check Off is an OS-X to-do list that sits in the menubar. The original developer apparently closed the project and turned it into shareware, so here's the last code I downloaded, 3.6, under the GPL. I also have a 3.8 binary, no code, sorry. DetailsDownload 

146. QtimeTracker 1.0 QtimeTracker is Qt4 based, desktop utility for tracking the amount of time spent on projects. DetailsDownload 

147. sasuketiimer, a Sasuke-immitating... sasuketiimer(2009.04-) looks like the timer shown at the right upper corner on Sasuke, a Japanese program, inspired me to make this timer when I learn programming. It also contains some simple tools related to time management. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

148. TEAM's TimeTracker 1.0 TEAM's TimeTracker is a very lightweight application that helps you keep track of your time. It has a nice, transparent, Windows 7's un-obtrusive view. With only 1 click you can switch between tasks. Oh, and it's free. DetailsDownload 

149. Member Management for Fire Fighters... This program is meant to manage members of voluntary fire brigades. I'm developing it for my own use and invite you to use it as well, if you find it useful. Currently it is in very early alpha, so you need to grab stuff from svn. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

150. Plot Your Idea 1.1 PYI is an Android application to sketch stories and manage your plots and chapters. It is a good companion to take notes of interesting thoughts which pass through your mind. It let you share your plots easily with the import/export feature. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

151. KM - Knowledge Management Suite 1.0 KM is a Project Portfolio, Issue Management, Change Management, Trouble Ticketing, Testing (White, Black, Integration, Regression), Q.A, Open Source integrated and customizable Web based solution which can easily implemented and customized. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

152. Right Forwarding System 1.0 Right Forwarding System is the first open source forwarding system in the world.It uses popular web-development technology, and the technology and integrate of Compiere/Jasper/Ireport/SugarCrm/VtigerCRM. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

153. wp-appointment 1.0 wp-appointment is a WordPress plugin to allow your customers to schedule and pay for appointments online. It supports multiple service providers (Therapists, Doctors, Technicians, Stylists, etc) and services of the same or varying duration and price. DetailsDownload 

154. A Room For You 1.0 A Room For You allows users to book rooms that are free. Administrators define a timetable for the rooms and users can fill in the empty slots with their bookings. DetailsDownload 

155. Chmox 0.4 A viewer for Microsoft Help "CHM" (aka Compiled HTML) files on Mac OS X 10.3 using Cocoa, WebKit and chmlib. DetailsDownload 

156. Documentacion del API de... DocumentaciA?n en espaA±ol del API de DetailsDownload 

157. V-Modell XT Export 1.0 The V-Modell XT is the German process development model based on a formal meta model and is described in XML. The vmodell-export generates the documentation (PDF/HTML/ODT) from the XML based model using Open Office templates including embedded... DetailsDownload 

158. OraDoc 1.0.1 OraDoc is an open source Java based tool for creation of Oracle database documentation in HTML format similar to JavaDoc supporting tables (including foreign key relations), views, object types, sequences and packages. DetailsDownload 

159. Common 3D Tutorials 1.0 A collection of tutorials that show the use of some major free 3D engines. While most of these engines have similar tutorials already, these tutorials allow you to see the engines side by side with common coding practises. DetailsDownload 

160. DocBook Publishing Utilities 1.0 The DocBook Publishing Utilities tools, which make creation and publishing of DocBook easier. The tools are: Maven plug-in to Transform HTML into XML (use after docbkx); Eclipse DocBook table editor; Eclipse wizards for initial DocBook files. DetailsDownload 

Software 141-160 of 4,919     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   ...   246   Next >>   page  

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