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121. OParser (Objective Parser) 1.0 OParser is an object-oriented parser in which both parsers and the results of parsing are in the form of a tree. Rather than generating sloppy and illegible code, this compiler-compiler builds useful and logical objects with a consistent interface. DetailsDownload 


122. Network Enchacements for wxWidgets 1.0 Interfaces for binary data, C++ objects transmission and event distribution across TCP/IP network. DetailsDownload 

123. MangosCI 1.0 Mangos CI is a continuous integration build project. Create an easy to using CI build environment for the Mangos MMO Server. DetailsDownload 

124. BeyondInstall 1.0 BeyondInstall is a powerful multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers for Java applications on any OS. The tool features rich functions, robust extensibility,beautiful user interface and easy of use. DetailsDownload 

125. MagicGroup 1.3.0 MagicGroup is an Eclipse plugin that permits you to group resources (mainly source files) differently than from the Project Explorer's view. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

126. tmchamp 1.0 ... DetailsDownload 

127. jdog: database object browser 1.0 jdog is a web-based database object browser application with useful, differentiating and advanced features. The differentiating feature is that it helps avoid writing SQLs repetitively for day to day activities of app dev, qa, dba and support... DetailsDownload 

128. Weight Watchers Point Tracker... Pocket PC application to calculate, and keep track of Weight Watcher's points. The program keeps track of your last 7 days worth of points and flex points. DetailsDownload 

129. SeeD - A generic Das client 1.0 This project aims to develop a kernel for DAS clients that contains all the basic features, so reducing the development time for new clients as new data types are incorporated to the DAS system. DetailsDownload 

130. SPedit - Swiss-Prot curation... SPedit is a new curation environment for the Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL databases. For more information about these databases see and DetailsDownload 

131. Painting Contractor database manager 1.0 MySQL database frontend written in Visual Basic.Net. All features neccesary to running a small-medium painting business will be included; keeping paint color information, customer acount, tax records etc... Uses local DB and replicates to remote... DetailsDownload 

132. ISFDB Bibliographic Tools 1.0 isfdb is a set of web-based bibliographic tools for displaying author, award, and publication bibliographies. It uses MySQL plus Python and contains a set of editing applications, as well as a moderated approval system. Used at DetailsDownload 

133. Furon 1.0 Furon is a web-based football (soccer) league manager written in PHP. It can manage all the aspects of a league (games, players, sanctions, referees ...), create schedules automatically and much more. DetailsDownload 

134. Airone - MySQL user-oriented... Airone will be an open source project of an CMS interfaces to MySQL database in a user-oriented point of view.The objective is to create an CMS that permit to show user MySQL query results as Admin has configured. DetailsDownload 

135. YellowPHP 1.40 Multi-Lingual Yellowpages for PostNuke and the kind. DetailsDownload 

136. creditbuh 1.0 Home finance for Linux. DetailsDownload 

137. MS3DBUI 1.0 MS3DBUI version is a windows UI that enables users to connect to any MS SQL SERVER database.Once connected users can query their database .In upcoming version MS3DBUI users will be able to update data. Ms3DBUI is coded in C# language.If you w DetailsDownload 

138. KooDB b.0.1 Easy frontend to MySQL (possibly PostgreSQL in the future) for easily adding users, database, and permissions for users to a database. Similar to the cPanel MySQL interface. Focuses on ease of use, speed, and security. DetailsDownload 

139. I/N Messenger Application 1.0 The I/N Messenger application. This is an open source instant messenger program using a mySQL backend and VB.Net frontend. We are currently in closed beta testing but will go open beta later on once major bugs are fixed. Please email if you want... DetailsDownload 

140. Berkeley DB JE tools 0.2beta A collection of tools for using Berkeley DB JE 1. Hajo - a simple thrift based RPC interface to Berkeley DB JE DetailsDownload 

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