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141. The Karoo Project 2010.03.29 The Karoo Project is a framework for making it practical to create distributed applications. By "practical", I mean that it must do it uncomplicatedly, efficiently, and cheaply. This project provides application management, queuing, and IPC. DetailsDownload 


142. Halloween Ticket Booth 2.01 TicketBooth is a PHP web-based ticket booth system for Haunted Attractions (Haunted Houses, Mazes, Trails, etc). It uses the powerful MySQL database and any PHP enabled web server (Apache) to provide an easy to use interactive Ticket Booth program. DetailsDownload 

143. Partystic Sheets 0.4 Partystic Sheets is a simple MySQL manager that provides a friendly user interface to manage databases as sheets. This program prevents overwritting data when users are sharing sheets. You can export databases to XML files. DetailsDownload 

144. Telephone Directory 2008 2008 Telephone Directory 2008 is web based application designed in PHP with MySql support where you can add, edit, delete your contacts just by clicking a few clicks Requirements :- php, apache, mysql. *** A whole new version is going launch by the... DetailsDownload 

145. The DVD Database Project 1.45 This PHP driven application will allow you to set up an CLUGS for your site. Basically its an easy way of sharing &amp; exchanging DVDs (other media will follow) with your friends. ====> PLEASE READ NEWS: ** Migrating to OpenDB ** DetailsDownload 

146. sqliteman: sqlite3 admin and devel... The best developer's or admin's GUI tool for Sqlite3 (sqlite) in the world. No joking here (or just a bit only) - it contains the most complete feature set of all tools available. Visit project homepage for more info, bugtracker,... DetailsDownload 

147. wxCocoaDialog 1.0 wxCocoaDialog is an multi-platform port of the CocoaDialog application for OS X, that allows the use of common GUI controls such as file selectors, text input, progress bars, yes/no confirmations and more with a command-line application. DetailsDownload 

148. blade-editor 1.0 This is simple text editor for UNIX console. DetailsDownload 

149. Synthol 1.0 Syntactical coloration and export in many formats based on a plugins architecture. DetailsDownload 

150. X Neural Project Xneur is a "hot" text corrector for different languages. It's corrects phonetic and layout errors when you are writing text on the X server. DetailsDownload 

151. FAQ XML 0.1 Project to create a unified FAQ XML format with all applicable software to convert it to various formats, such as multiple forms of HTML, TeX, PDF, text files, etc. Useful for most of "FAQ keepers" on various forums and discussion lists. DetailsDownload 

152. Data Fountains 6.0.1 Data Fountains is an automated collection building system of benefit to Internet portals, digital libraries and library catalogs. Web crawlers find new resources. Text extractors/classifiers create metadata, descriptions, rich full-text. C++. DetailsDownload 

153. Open Visual Data 1.0 I want to make an open source clone of Wordle ( and then add a few features. See the files section for a more detailed introduction to the project. DetailsDownload 

154. Tomoe 0.6.0 Tomoe is a handwriting character recognition engine. DetailsDownload 

155. CSDE - C# - for emacs 0.1 CSharp (C#) Development Environment for XEmacs / GNU Emacs DetailsDownload 

156. jlwuit 1.0 Middleware with a high level of abstraction of the graphic system, or intended to embedded systems that require graphics acceleration but dont have hardware for this. DetailsDownload 

157. SimpleMMS 1.0 Simple MMS is a client side utility library for sending and receiving MMS messages over the MM7 Protocol. DetailsDownload 

158. JNativeLicense 1.0 JNativeLicense is a free license manager for Java. DetailsDownload 

159. matlab-test-to-csharp 1.0 FREE Download Open Source Code Simple Test of Microsoft .NET C# using MATLAB NE Builder Toolbox This is a simple demo of this powerful Matlab toolbox with some M script algo examples Download the ZIP package from... DetailsDownload 

160. lualibhid 1.0 This library permit the access to libhid in LUA. In essence support all functions in libhid for use. Some modifications was made for programming in LUA accesing to libhid. DetailsDownload 

Software 141-160 of 23,400     Pages: Go to   << Prior   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   ...   1170   Next >>   page  

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