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161. i18n4java 1.1.0 i18n4java is an I18N framework for Java to change the way how strings are internationalized. This framework is inspired by QT's I18N framework and uses all features of Java's L10N to get a tiny and clean framework which helps to write... DetailsDownload 


162. PHP AutoLoad 1.0 The AutoLoad class allows you to use a PSR-0 compatible approach to autoloading classes using namespaces for PHP 5.3+. DetailsDownload 

163. PorTypes 1.3 PorTypes is a library of integer types. Currently, the library provides one unsigned integer type and one signed integer type. Both types have fixed width, which is specified at compile time via template parameters. The signed integer type uses... DetailsDownload 

164. phpfreebase 1.0 A Php class library to query and write data to the Freebase Open Database. System. DetailsDownload 

165. jDSP.lib 1.1 Java library containing classes for digital signal processing. Intended for use in audio software development. DetailsDownload 

166. CSharp MARC rc C# class structures for reading and manipulating Library of Congress MARC records using the MARC21 standard. Based upon the PHP Pear package File_MARC ( by Dan Scott DetailsDownload 

167. PhysX plugin for Gamestudio A8 b Further development of the PhysX plugin for Gamestudio A8, originally created by Chris Kahler and made open source by OpGroup. DetailsDownload 

168. libStorageMgmt 0.0.17 A library that will provide a vendor agnostic open source storage application programming interface (API) for storage arrays. DetailsDownload 

169. libusbx 1.0.14 libusbx is a cross-platform user mode library that provides generic access to USB devices DetailsDownload 

170. Instant Website Builder 1.0 The project is focused on building logical websites , where the users can come to the admin screens and design the website layout and drop the components. DetailsDownload 

171. develoPHP 1.0 develoPHP is the first web-development center designed especially for PHP. It includes version control, ticketing and an integrated web editor. DetailsDownload 

172. TipTip 1.0 TipTip is orange and fluffy DetailsDownload 

173. Pop Framework 1.2.0 Pop is a J2EE framework that can be used to build a stateless light-weighted web application in object-oriented MVC. Pop uses Java objects to represent the models of JSP pages. Method invocations and bean properties are used to replace the... DetailsDownload 

174. jSET - Java Software Evolution... jSET - Java Software Evolution Tracker is a software visualization tool that allows practitioners to assess the magnitude of changes across the versions of a software system. DetailsDownload 

175. Serl's Path-Sensitive Framework... PSF is a path-sensitive, inter-procedural program analysis framework developed on top of Soot. DetailsDownload 

176. BenchMarker 100b This is a simple, modular PHP class designed to record execution time benchmarks throughout different parts of a script. Compatible with virtually any PHP script, the code can be added/removed quickly and with ease. Accurate to the microsecond. DetailsDownload 

177. MuLanPa 2012.02.05 MuLanPa is a source-analyser with a configurable parser and may be may be used for several programming-languages. Its xml-output should be used for tools like project-browsers or code-viewers like moritz ( . DetailsDownload 

178. w3lib 1.0 w3lib is a system to develop very efficient and reliable web applications. actually german only. DetailsDownload 

179. Innovait Solutions 1.0 Innovait Solutions is a software development company established in 2007, to provide innovative IT solutions with an emphasis on web development. Our work is specific to your sitea€™s needs, priorities and strengths. Solutions are... DetailsDownload 

180. MiniJoe 1.0 MiniJoe is a Minimal Javascript Object Environment for mobile phones with support for a subset of the Safari Canvas API. DetailsDownload 

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